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ARCHIVE: March 2005


March 31, 3:20 pm: Stauffer Library - A student contacted Campus Security to report someone tampered with her bicycle lock - possibly during an attempted theft - and she is unable to unlock the bike now.  The Security Supervisor attended and managed to open the lock for her.

March 27, 9:05 pm: Student Housing Area - A student reported her bike was stolen sometime within the previous hour while it was secured to their house with a cable lock. It is a yellow mountain bike with a thick center bar and a mud guard.  The Security Supervisor observed a bike matching that description being ridden nearby just as he was informed of the incident, and picked up the student so they could determine whether it was the same one.  Security reported a short time later that the bike was not a match.

March 21, 11:45 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported the wheels on his bike were stolen sometime between 7:30 and 11:30 pm that evening while secured outside the library.

March 18, 5:55 pm: Leonard Hall - The ERC received a report that a student's bike was stolen from where it had been locked up outside the cafeteria earlier in the week.  The stolen bicycle is a red Norco "Cherokee" and the student also filed a report with Kingston City Police.

March 15, 5:22 pm: An Clachan Complex - A tenant reported the back tire of their bicycle was stolen while it secured to a bike rack during the previous two days.  The caller was transferred to Kingston City Police to file a report with their department.

March 8: 10:10 pm: An Clachan Complex - A tenant reported their silver colour bicycle was stolen from the complex while secured with a cable lock to the bike racks. The caller was also advised to file a theft report with Kingston City Police.

Bicycles should always be locked up. However, even a locked bike can be vandalized or stolen. If you view suspicious persons or activity around a bicycle rack, or a locked bicycle elsewhere, please contact Campus Security right away via cell phone, assistance phone, pay phone or Emergency 'blue light' phone, etc.  If you discover your bike is missing, contact Campus Security and Kingston Police as soon as possible. Check out our "locking up your bicycle" page for some helpful tips.
There were 86 reports of bikes/bike parts stolen in 2004, 31 in 2003, 51 in 2002, 52 in 2001 and 36 such reports in 2000.


March 30, 10:30 pm: Adelaide Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence and both KFD & Security were informed to attend. Upon arrival they were informed by a Don that a pot had boiled over on a stove and set off a smoke detector.  KFD ventilated the area and Security reset the alarm system at 10:49 pm.

March 25, 1:05 pm: Waldron Tower - A fire alarm activated in the Residence and KFD & Security were contacted to attend. Upon arrival they attended the 8th floor where they found an active detector and the smell of burnt food in the air. It was soon learned a toaster oven was the source of the problem and Security reset the system at around 1:20 pm.

March 20, 3:01 am: Watts Hall - A fire alarm was indicated for the Residence and both KFD and Security were informed to attend. Soon after arrival it was determined a pull station had been maliciously activated on the 1st floor.  Security reset the alarm at 3:15 am and KFD cleared the scene.

March 18, 3:04 am: Watts Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence and both Security & KFD were informed to attend.  Soon after arriving they determined a pull station near the main entrance had been activated for no apparent reason. Security reset the system at 3:12 am and KFD cleared the scene.

March 12: 11:40 am: JDUC - The ERC received a call from kitchen staff who reported a natural gas smell in the area. The Security Supervisor requested he activate the fire alarm system and attended along with KFD.  They did not detect any natural gas using their equipment and a subsequent check by PUC likewise detected no gas.  The alarm system was reset by Security at 12:12 pm and kitchen staff informed to contact the ERC again if the gas smell returned.

March 12: 3:00 am: Victoria Hall - A desk clerk contacted the ERC to report a smoke detector had activated in one of the rooms. The Security Supervisor attended and was informed a student had left his room with a candle still lit inside, and returned a short time later to discover it had fallen into a garbage container. No actual fire was reported although there was a haze and burning smell in the room. Security cleared the incident after requesting Residence staff perform extra checks of the area throughout the night.

March 2, 11:56 pm: Jean Royce Hall - The fire alarm system in the Residence activated and the ERC contacted both KFD and Security to attend.  Soon after arriving they determined a detector had been activated by french fries being cooked in a common room kitchen.  The area was ventilated and the alarm system reset by 12:23 pm.

There were 30 fire alarm activations categorized as "malicious" in 2004. There were 47 such incidents in 2003, 32 in 2002, 28 in 2001, 27 in 2000, 19 in 1999 and 26 in 1998. Please see our Stats link for additional statistical information.


March 30, 12:30 pm: Student Housing Area - A student reported his housemate returned home early that morning to find their back door wide open, then just before noon they discovered their front door wide open and a backpack missing from where it had been just inside that door. The caller reported those doors may have been left unlocked.
The stolen property includes the black "Swiss Army" backpack and eight textbooks inside. 

March 29, 10:30 pm: Student Housing Area - A student residing near main campus reported a possible attempted B&E at his house.  The caller reported his housemate observed an unknown male appear to try and open a window. When the housemate approached the window, the suspect went to their front door and attempted to open it. At that point the individual was confronted and ran off. Security was informed and the caller transferred to Kingston City Police.

He was described as being a Caucasian male with a thin build, about 5'8" tall and at the time of this incident he was wearing blue jeans and a denim jacket with patches or crests on it. 

March 18, 5:00 pm: Student Housing Area - A student contacted the ERC to report their house had been broken into sometime between 6 and 8 am that morning. Initially the tenants had noticed their back door looked as if someone had tried to force it open, but nothing appeared disturbed or missing from the house. But later it was discovered that two purses were gone.

The student was advised to file a report with Kingston City Police (an Officer did attend later that day) and to ensure their banks were contacted to have the stolen credit cards cancelled.

Please ensure that you close and LOCK your doors & windows, even if you are only going out for a short time, and that your curtains are drawn. 

Report any suspicious activity around your home immediately to Campus Security (533-6733) and to Kingston City Police (549-2111).


March 29, 4;10 am: Campus - A Security Patrol, while doing an interior building check, found an alarmed area with an unarmed system. The Security Supervisor was informed, attended, ensured the area was secure, and armed the alarm system.

March 8, 2:55 am: Campus - Similar incident as above.

When leaving a room at the end of the day please ensure that the doors and windows are locked and secured and that all alarms are armed.


March 28, 10:00 am: Campus - A staff member reported their laptop computer had been stolen from an office sometime between the 24th and 28th.  Details were provided and Kingston City Police informed.

This computer was recovered by Kingston City Police and a suspect arrested.

March 29, 11:00 am: Campus - Staff report a laptop computer was stolen from an office sometime between March 24 and 28. It is a black IBM ThinkPad (serial# HCPIPPT301.6). A theft report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

March 29, 4:00 pm: Campus - A staff member reported their laptop computer had been stolen sometime during the previous two days.  It was described as an IBM laptop, Model# 2652-J3U (serial # 78-LDBZF). A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

There were 49 theft and 15 Break & Enter incidents involving Queen's property in 2004.  There were 51 theft and 37 B&Es in 2003, 33 theft and 22 B&Es in 2002, 64 theft and 27 B&Es in 2001, 45 theft and 44 B&Es in 2000, and 104 theft & 34 B&Es in 1999. See our Stats link for more statistical information.
Note: City Police have recovered some items in the past but had no way of identifying them as Queen's property.  See "Protect Yourself Against Equipment Theft" in Safety Tips & Products.


March 28, 2:30 pm: Campus - The ERC received a report from students in Watts Hall that a male & female of teenagers between Watts and Chernoff Halls appeared intoxicated and engaged in suspicious behaviour.  The Security Supervisor dispatched to the scene and soon afterwards requested an ambulance for the female as she was extremely intoxicated and unable to walk. After speaking with the individuals for a short time, Kingston City Police were also called to attend.  The female was transported to KGH by ambulance at about 2:50 pm and the male was transported home by KPD a short time later. 

March 11, 9:35 pm: Watts Hall - A Residence staff member contacted Security to report an intoxicated older male was trying to gain access to the building.  Security Supervisor attended to find the man laying prone on the main entrance with a half empty bottle of wine. The individual stood up and moved away from the entrance when requested to, but became belligerent when asked to leave the property.  However the man eventually walked off and was monitored by Security until he left campus.  Kingston City Police were informed of the incident and at 10:12 KPD reported they'd dealt with the man after he attended Kingston General Hospital.

March 4, 10:05 pm: Student Housing Area - A student reported seeing a suspicious man on their porch about 10 minutes earlier.  When confronted by the tenant, the man asked for someone and then quickly left when told nobody by that name lived in the house.  He was briefly described as a student age Caucasian male with a dark complexion, brown hair, and about 5'7" or 5'8" tall. The student was transferred to KPD to file a report.

Please contact Campus Security (533-6111) immediately if you observe suspicious persons or activity. Campus Security dealt with 204 incidents classified as "Suspicious Persons" in 2004. There were 222 such incidents in 2003, 207 in 2002, 165 in 2001, 210 in 2000, 248 in 1999, and 201 in 1998.


March 28, 12:30 pm: Campus - The ERC was informed an office had been accessed - unsure if it may have been left unlocked and unattended for a period of time - and a small amount of cash stolen from inside. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

March 28, 11:45 am: Chown Hall - A student reported personal property was stolen from her room, possibly while it was left unlocked and unattended.

March 22, 5:00 pm: Residences - A student reported realizing his wallet - initially believed misplaced - had been stolen from his room earlier in the month. He also filed a report with Kingston City Police and cancelled his credit card.

March 20, 12:07 pm: Botterell Hall - A student reported her laptop computer & backpack were stolen while left unattended in the library for a short period of time. It is a Toshiba laptop computer kept in a blue "Mountain Equipment Co-Op" backpack that also contained the student's textbooks and notes.  The student was also advised to file a theft report with Kingston City Police.

March 17, 9:45 pm: Ontario Hall - The ERC received a report that a student's small black nylon purse, containing ID and a small amount of cash, was stolen from a room that was unoccupied and unlocked. Another person's bag also left in that room had a cheque book removed from it.  Security staff attended to take a report and the students contacted their respective banks.

Please do not leave personal items unattended and/or unsecured, even for a brief time. There were 82 reported incidents of thefts under $5000 (not involving Queen's property) in 2004.  There were 124 such incidents reported in 2003, 149 in 2002, 149 in 2001, 109 in 2000, 276 in 1999, and 206 in 1998.


March 25, 4:15 am: Leggett Hall - Residence staff contacted the ERC to report numerous incidents of vandalism at the building. The Security Supervisor attended and was shown a vandalized common room, broken bottles outside and inside the building, and a resident's room that may have been accessed with property stolen from inside.  The information and damage was also recorded by Residence staff and forwarded to the Residence Life Office. 

March 23, 3:09 pm: Campus - The Emergency Report Center received a call from staff at a Queen's owned house near main campus who reported an unknown male had just barricaded himself into a second floor bathroom, turned on the water, and was flooding the area.  Security staff were informed and dispatched to the call; arriving just as the suspect was exiting the building. He was identified as having been previously issued a Notice of Prohibition (banning him from Queen's property) for an earlier incident, and Kingston City Police were contacted to attend. Police arrived a short time later and transported him from the scene after charging him with Trespass to Property.

March 19, 2:20 am: Chown Hall - A Residence don contacted the ERC to report some intoxicated males were in the Residence and vandalized some property. The Security Supervisor attended with a  Patrol and were met by the caller who stated the three males were friends of a student residing there and as they were leaving they smashed a mirror, tore down and stole an 'Exit' sign, and ripped soap dispensers from the wall of a washroom.  Residence maintenance was contacted to clean up the mirror's glass and other damage and the incident was left with Residence staff for follow up.

March 13, 3:30 am: Leggett Hall - Residence staff reported a suspected group of males had smashed the window of an interior stairwell door. Security attended to assess the damage and called in a contractor to make repairs due to safety concerns. It was also recommended to Residence staff that they do a walk through of the Residence to check for any additional damage and perhaps locate the individuals responsible.

March 13, 12:30 am: Victoria Hall - Residence staff reported a bottle had been thrown at a window in the building, shattering the glass. The Security Supervisor attended and observed only the outside pane of glass was broken so access could not be gained. Residence maintenance temporarily repaired the window and cleaned up any broken glass in the area.

March 12, 2:10 am: JDUC - Walkhome staff contacted the ERC to report the glass had been shattered in the building's north entrance door.  The Security Supervisor attended and determined the still intact glass did not pose a security or safety risk and had Physical Plant Services informed for follow up repair the next business day.

March 6, 9:55 pm: Residences - A desk clerk contacted the ERC to report an EXIT sign had been ripped from the ceiling in one of the Residence buildings and the wires left hanging down were sparking.  Security confirmed the report and had an electrician called in to make repairs.  They were on campus a short time later and repaired the damage.

March 4, 7:05 pm: Residences - A trouble signal was received at the ERC for a Residence's fire alarm system. As a PPS tradesman was being called in, Residence staff reported the signal was caused by a student disconnecting his room's smoke detector. The tradesman attended and reset the alarm panel by 9:25 pm.

Campus Security dealt with 46 "Mischief Under $5000" incidents in 2004. There were 123 such incidents 2003, 110 in 2002, 104 in 2001, 118 in 2000, 82 in 1999, and 98 in 1998.


March 25, 1:25 am: Campus - The ERC received a report of a possible robbery in progress near the corner of Union & Arch Streets from a caller using an Assistance Phone in Walter Light Hall.  The Security Supervisor dispatched to the scene and had KPD contacted to also attend. KPD - responding to an earlier call - were on scene when Security arrived. They reported the incident was actually an escalated domestic dispute between the man and woman. Security offered their services if eventually required (i.e. if the individuals were identified as members of the Queen's community) and cleared the scene as another KPD Officer arrived.

March 23, 2:30 am: Campus - A Security Patrol reported observing an altercation between two males at the south east end of main campus.  The Security Supervisor attended and spoke to a number of students at the scene.  Some of those individuals became belligerent and attempted to provide false identification - in violation of the Queen's Code of Conduct - but their actual identities were soon determined at the scene and - in one case - discovered the next day.  The altercation incident was resolved but the names of five students who provided false ID and attempted to hinder Security's investigation of the assault were provided to the AMS Judicial for review.


March 18, 12:14 pm: Campus - The ERC received a call from someone who witnessed a car back up and strike a parked vehicle, then drive off.  The Security Supervisor attended to meet the caller and Kingston City Police were informed to attend as well since the incident occurred on city property. Soon after arriving Security reported the driver had returned. The owner of the parked car was located with the assistance of the Parking Department and Kingston City Police arrived on scene to take a report from both parties at 12:40 pm. Security cleared the incident at that time.


March 17, 1:55 pm: Campus - The Security Supervisor reported he exited the JDUC and observed a male (student) slamming an Engineering jacket in the intersection of Union Street and University Avenue.  Due to safety concerns and because traffic was impeded and backing up, the Security Supervisor intended to speak with the individual but he ran off between buildings when he spotted the Security vehicle approaching.

Although a detailed description was not provided, it was noted that the individual had been wearing only a t-shirt, green underwear, and a pair of rubber boots..

March 3, 3:00 pm: Campus - The ERC was informed a counterfeit $100 bill had been used on Campus. Security attended to take possession of the item and later delivered it to Kingston City Police.  The counterfeit has the following serial number: XLR3470052 .

Visit the Bank of Canada website to learn more about the security features on Canadian bills: i.e. $100 bank note. (other denominations at bottom)


March 13, 11:35 am: McArthur Hall - A student reported having parked his car in the north parking lot overnight and returned to discover it had been broken into. Upon closer inspection, he noticed a side rear window had been smashed and the ignition had been 'punched out', likely in an attempt to steal the car.  The Security Supervisor met with the owner who had determined no property was missing from inside the vehicle. He was advised to also file a report with Kingston City Police.

March 6, 12:40 pm: Jean Royce Hall - A student reported their car was broken into while parked in the Phase 2 lot. A CD player and CD wallet were stolen in the incident and a report was filed with Kingston City Police.

There were 15 incidents recorded as "Theft from Vehicle" in 2004 - 9 such incidents in 2003, 28 in 2002, and 16 in 2001. If you have to leave valuables inside your vehicle, be sure to lock them in the trunk - never leave them where they can be seen from outside the vehicle.


March 10: 2:30 pm: Campus - Parking staff contacted Security to attend to a vehicle found with a parking permit previously reported stolen.  The Security Supervisor attended and spoke to the owner who claimed to have found the permit a week earlier. The individual was informed by Parking that his vehicle would be towed if found in a 'permit only' parking area again and fees would be assessed for the week he'd used the permit fraudulently.


March 7, 2:10 pm: Clark Hall - A telephone technician contacted Campus Security to report a pay phone had been stolen from inside the building. According to Bell Security, the phone may have been stolen during the evening of Friday March 4th.


March 4, 11:00 pm: Residences - Regional Dispatch contacted the ERC to report an ambulance was responding to a call at Gordon House for an unconscious individual.  Security attended the scene where they assisted paramedics with an intoxicated student who had lost consciousness outside the building.  She was transported to KGH by ambulance at 11:15 pm.

Campus Security responded to 316 Medical Assistance (Injury/Ambulance Request) calls in 2004.  There were 246 such incidents in 2003, 225 in 2002, 151 in 2001, 116 in 2000, 134 in 1999, and 69 in 1998. Please see our Stats link for additional statistical information.

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