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ARCHIVE: October 2006


October 31, 10:40 pm: Campus - A small fire occurred in the building and was extinguished by the room's occupants.  KFD and Security attended and both building contacts and EH&S staff were informed.

October 31, 9:40 pm: Victoria Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residences due to burnt popcorn on the 6th floor.

October 25, 8:30 am: Leonard Hall - A fire alarm activated and the source was determined to be a faulty detector which was subsequently replaced.

October 23, 1:10 am: JDUC - A fire alarm activated in the building due to a bulletin board notice/posting set on fire. The small fire quickly burned itself out and a search of the building revealed a couple of other bulletin board postings had also been ignited.  A description of a possible suspect was provided to Security.

October 20, 11:32 pm: Leonard Hall - A fire alarm was activated in the Residence after a fire extinguisher was discharged and set off a smoke detector in the 4th floor hallway.

October 13, 1:35 am: Victoria Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence after someone sprayed liquid onto a detector on the 6th floor of C wing.  Residence and Security staff also spoke with three students found inside closets instead of evacuating the building.

October 10, 7:05 pm: Gordon Brockington House - A fire alarm activated in the Residence due to a wet detector in Brockington House.

October 7, 3:45 am: Victoria Hall - Don reported smoke on the 5th floor. Source was determined to be a toaster placed in a microwave which was then turned on.

October 7, 2:45 am: Victoria Hall - Fire alarm activated in the Residence due to a fire alarm pull station being activated maliciously.


October 31, 1:15 am: Campus - While on mobile patrol of campus, Security staff observed two males walking along Queen's Crescent carrying a fire extinguisher.  When questioned, the individuals claimed initially to own the fire extinguisher (although it clearly had a "Queen's Safety" tag on it) and then stated they found it outside a nearby University building.  Both individuals were uncooperative and refused to provide identification, contrary to the Queen's Student Code of Conduct, so Kingston City Police were contacted to attend.  Upon their arrival, the two individuals were identified as Queen's students and the extinguisher was delivered by Security to EH&S.  Incident details were also forwarded to AMS Judicial. 


October 29, 7:25 pm: Campus - A student reported a wallet was stolen from her backpack while it was left unattended in a nearby unlocked room.

October 22, 4:30 pm: Residences - The ERC was informed a student walking by noticed a ground floor window to the Residence open with computer cables hanging outside it.  Security and Residence staff attended to discover its interior window was smashed and the room possibly accessed. The occupant returned later that day and filed a report with City Police who also attended to investigate.

October 20, 2:14 am: Stauffer Library - A student reported her small black purse w. a silver buckle - containing cash, ID, credit cards and keys - went missing while left unattended. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police

October 18, 4:32 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported her laptop computer was stolen within the previous 15 minutes while left unattended.  It is a silver Dell Inspiron 6400 with a European keyboard and adaptor (serial# F9VZD2JCRT1J81).

October 17, 5:35 pm; Residences - A student reported her laptop computer was stolen from her room. It is a Toshiba Tecra M5 and may have been placed inside a two-tone purple Jansport school bag that was also stolen.

October 16, 12:55 am: Residences - A student reported his silver Dell laptop computer was stolen between10:00 pm and 12:50 am that evening while his room was left empty and unlocked.

October 12, 7:00 pm: Campus - A student reported having keys and other items stolen from a locker room while left unattended.

October 12, 4:35 pm: Campus - A number of individuals reported having wallets, keys, clothing and other possessions stolen from a change room between 1:30 and 2:30 pm.

October 11, 4:50 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported their wallet and cell phone were stolen off a desk while left unattended for approximately 20 minutes.

October 10, 8:35 am: Beamish Monroe / ILC - A student's laptop and power cord were stolen between 7 am and 8:20 am while left unattended in an unlocked room.  It is a Toshiba Satellite M30 Centrino laptop computer (serial# 74071299H)

October 4, 5:40 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported leaving his laptop computer unattended at a desk for a short while and returned to find an unknown male in the process of stealing it.  The suspect quickly left the scene with an accomplice and then drove off campus in a black sports car.  Library staff and its Commissionaire had been informed of the attempted theft and managed to record vehicle details.  Kingston City Police were informed and traced the suspect to his home.

The next day, Campus Security was informed by staff that a laptop theft had occurred the previous week and was caught on video.  The date, place and time of the incident also corresponded with a separate suspicious persons/activity report made to Security by a student.  Details provided by that student, including a vehicle license plate, matched that same suspect in the above attempted theft at Stauffer Library.  Kingston City Police are also investigating this property theft that involved a Toshiba Satellite P100 laptop computer (model # PSPA3C-JR100E and serial # 26100916W).


October 29, 1:33 am: West Campus - The ERC received an Emergency "Blue Light" Phone call from an individual (not affiliated with the University) reported he was assaulted by 5 unknown males while walking behind McArthur Hall. Security staff attended to take a report and assisted him in getting home.  A search of the surrounding area did not turn up any of the suspects.


October 26, 8:10 pm: McLaughlin Hall - A student reported he and a friend had their locked bikes stolen while secured together outside the building. Both bicycles were older models - one green/grey in color and the other a black & red Supercycle with a broken shifter.

October 24, 7:35 pm: Victoria Hall - A red BMX style Norco bike was stolen while left unattended and unlocked for a short period of time.

October 13, 4:52 pm: Leonard Hall - A caller reported his bike was stolen sometime before 11:00 am the previous day. It is a black and yellow Peugeot bicycle that had been secured to the bike racks with a cable lock.

October 2, 5:50 pm: Biosciences Complex - A blue & white Kina Hahanna (serial# 96081) was reported stolen sometime between 9:00 am and 5:15 pm from where it had been locked to the bike racks.


October 25, 12:14 am: West Campus - A vehicle was found with its drivers side window smashed. Kingston City Police were  informed to locate the owner.

October 25, 12:10 am: West Campus - A vehicle was found with a window smashed and possibly accessed.  Kingston City Police were informed to locate the owner.

October 24, 1:48 pm: Campus - A staff member reported his vehicle had its drivers side mirror smashed off while it was parked in a lot between October 19th and 23rd.

October 22, 1:15 am: Campus - Three males were spotted fleeing from a parking lot on Campus, and when Security investigated the lot they discovered a vehicle with both side mirrors ripped off and other signs of vandalism. 


October 24, 10:43: West Campus - Campus Security received two reports of vehicles being broken into at the West Campus lot.


October 22, 9:35 am: Campus - An intrusion alarm activated for a/v equipment located on campus. Security staff responded to the scene and found signs of an attempted theft but no property had been stolen.

October 15, 10:45 pm: Campus - A large rock was used to break into an office and a computer monitor was stolen from inside. Kingston City Police also attended and are investigating.

October 11, 10:25 am: An Clachan Complex - Apartment & Housing contacted Campus Security after discovering a bike room at the An Clachan Complex was broken into. No property was initially reported missing.


October 18, 5:10 pm: Botterell Hall - A caller reported having witnessed a person attempting to parallel park their car strike both vehicles parked to either side of it. Another witness spoke with the driver who then placed a note on one of the damaged cars, but was later seen removing it. The driver's vehicle details were recording by the ERC and passed on the Kingston City Police.

October 18, 4:20 pm: Campus - The ERC received a call that there was no power to the computer in a lab and a grad student wanted to use it.  The Security Supervisor attended to assist but the room was empty when they arrived. The computer in the room was checked and found to be unplugged..


October 15, 5:15 pm: Goodes Hall - A caller reported his black SUV was stolen from the Goodes Hall parking lot sometime between 3:00 and 3:30 pm that day.


October 15, 3:40 pm: Campus - A student reported that a half hour earlier she was walking on Union street near Stauffer Library & the JDUC when she was grabbed from behind by one of five teenage males as they rode past her on bicycles. The other teens also made inappropriate comments before riding away.

October 14, 1:15 am: Campus - An AMS Walkhome team reported observing a van driving around campus setting off firecrackers as they drove by pedestrians.  Security staff searched campus and within a half hour had a detailed description of the vehicle, including the license plate, which was forwarded to Kingston City Police.


October 5, 2:30 am: Residences - A Residence don contacted Campus Security to report an incident that happened at 8:00 am the previous day when a student woke up to find an unknown male standing in her room.  The student aged male ran out and said he was in the wrong room when asked what he was doing there. The student also confirmed her room door had been left unlocked all night.

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