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ARCHIVE: January 2007


January 31, 1:50 am: Morris Hall - KFD and Security responded to an alarm in the Residence caused by a maliciously activated pull station on the third floor.

January 28, 2:40 am: McNeill House - The fire alarm activated in the Residence as a result of two fire extinguishers discharged on the third floor. The system was restored by Security at 2:55 am.

January 28, 2:10 pm: Underground Garage - A Booth Attendant contacted the ERC to report a car was on fire inside the garage.  Security and KFD attended the scene and the fire was quickly extinguished. Its owner was located and the vehicle later towed from the property.

January 27, 2:15 pm: Stirling Hall - The Kingston Fire Department responded to an alarm that was determined to have been activated by a thermal detector in a room with its window left wide open - similar to a previous incident when KFD had to leave the scene of an actual fire.

January 24, 6:10 pm: Watts Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence when an empty pan was left on a hot stove element. KFD used fans to clear the smoke and Security reset the alarm system soon afterwards. 

January 20, 9:35 pm: Stirling Hall - A fire alarm activated in the building and both Security & KFD, who had to leave the scene of an actual fire elsewhere in the city, were informed to attend.  Soon after arriving it was determined someone left a window open which lowered the room temperature and activated a thermal detector inside.

January 18, 9:18 pm: Leonard Hall - The Residence's fire alarm went off due to an accidentally activated pull station.

January 18, 11:54 am: Chernoff Hall - A fire alarm pull station was activated maliciously in a lecture theater.

January 17, 5:51 am: Chernoff Hall - KFD responded to two fire alarms overnight. The first at 5:51 am was due to a malfunctioning compressor and the second alarm was at 7:12 am when a burst radiator activated a smoke detector.

January 14, 10:15 pm: Morris Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence due to cooking smoke on the 2nd floor.

January 6, 6:57 pm: Morris Hall - A fire alarm was activated in the Residence due to cooking smoke in the second floor kitchen.

January 4, 7:55 pm; An Clachan Complex - Campus Security & KFD responded to a fire alarm activation caused by cooking smoke.

January 4, 5:05 pm; John Orr Tower - The fire alarm system activated due to a sudden leak in the sprinkler system. KFD and Security responded along with Apartment & Housing staff.  The problem was fixed and affected tenants were provided with alternative accommodations by Residence Services for the night.


January 27, 1:44 am: JDUC - An AMS Student Constable requested Security attend to deal with an intoxicated student who was refusing to leave Alfie's Pub. The individual was belligerent with Security and refused to leave until Kingston City Police were called. When officers arrived, he continued to be confrontational and was subsequently handcuffed & arrested for public intoxication.


January 26, 5:00 pm: Residences - A student reported cash was stolen from their room earlier in the week, likely while the room was left unlocked and unattended for a short period of time.

January 23, 11:55 am: PhysEd Centre - A student reported their running shoes were stolen from a locker room a couple days earlier.  The sneakers are white 'Asiacs' with a pink stripe and sole.

January 6, 3:40 pm: JDUC - Campus Security was informed a female individual was caught in the act of stealing a wallet from inside a purse.  Her identity was known to the wallet's owner and Kingston City Police were called.  The student was to be charged with theft and issued a Notice of Prohibition, banning her from that area of the building.

January 6, 3:21 pm: Student Housing Area - A student residing in a house near main campus reported his home had been broken into over the holiday break. A broken window was discovered and some property was stolen.


January 18, 12:10 pm, Campus - A staff member reported having an encounter with a suspicious male inside a main campus building.  His description was similar to another incident where a student found an unknown man inside a student office area. In both cases the suspect was described as acting "disoriented". 

  • He is a Caucasian male in his late 20s, about 6' tall with a slim-to-medium build and clean shaven.
  • In both instances he was seen wearing a toque and a blue jacket.
  • In one incident he was wearing an earring and they noticed his toque was red, and the other report the witnesses mentioned he was also wearing jeans and a belt with a large belt buckle.

January 2, 5:45 pm: Stauffer Library - The library's Commissionaire informed Security he had instructed a non-student male to leave the library for viewing inappropriate material on a computer.


January 18, 6:10 am: Campus - A custodian reported discovering someone had smashed out the glass in a building's main entrance. Security attended and a Physical Plant Services tradesman was called in to repair the damage.


January 10, 12:02 am: JDUC - An AMS Student Constable called the Emergency Report Centre to request Security attend and assist with two individuals who had an altercation in Alfie's Pub. The Security Supervisor met with Pub staff and the two students who were involved. One of the students was treated by Queen's First Aid and attended KGH to have a head injury assessed.


January 4, 11:50 pm: Campus - A staff member reported his vehicle was broken into while parked on a city street outside the Jock Harty Arena. Some paperwork and a Black & Decker "Wood Hawk" power saw were stolen from inside.


January 2, 9:15 am: Campus - A University owned computer was reported stolen sometime during the holiday break.  It is a black IBM desktop computer - serial# KCRD1OR 

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