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ARCHIVE: April 2007


March 28, 8:40 pm: Residences - A student reported leaving his room door closed but unlocked while he was gone, and returned to discover his gray Dell Inspiron laptop computer, a blue Samsung A800 cell phone, and silver external hard drive had been stolen.

March 24, 12:30 am: Student Housing Area - The ERC was informed a student's home near main campus was broken into.  The tenant reported the house was unoccupied for about two hours and it appears the perpetrator entered through a window before making off with computers and some cash.

March 14, 6:30 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported she left her laptop computer unattended in the library, but asked a nearby student to watch it for her while she was gone. However when she returned both the laptop with its case and the other student were gone. It is a silver Mac 12" Powerbook with a blue case.

March 13, 4:30 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported his wallet stolen while left unattended for a few minutes.

March 1, 4:25 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported his wallet was stolen while left unattended for a short period of time.


March 31, 2:20 pm: Stauffer Library - The ERC received a noise complaint from a student reporting a group of people were break dancing with loud music on the library's ground floor.  Security attended and located a librarian who was watching the performance - she confirmed it was not a sanctioned event and concurred the group should finish up.  Security spoke to one of the performers who was cooperative and immediately shut down the event..


March 31, 2:15 pm: Morris Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence after a pull station was used for no apparent reason.

March 30, 9:05 pm: John Orr Tower - A caller reported the smoke detector was sounding in the apartment next door, and he can smell smoke coming from there, but no one answered the door. He was instructed to activate a pull station and both Security and KFD were informed to attend.  A superintendent also attended and accessed the apartment where it was discovered the tenant left their stove on while they were out of the building.

March 28, 11:45 pm: Campus - The ERC was informed someone apparently put out their cigarette on a picnic table which set it on fire. Security attended and informed two jugs of water were poured onto the flames to extinguish them..

March 26, 1:40 pm: Victoria Hall - The fire alarm was activated in the Residence due to scheduled maintenance setting off a detector by accident.

March 24, 2:06 pm: Botterell Hall - A fire alarm was activated in the building due to a burning smell on the 6th floor. It was soon determined to be coming from a light ballast that was subsequently replaced.

March 17, 2:45 am: Victoria Hall - A fire alarm in the Residence was caused by a detector activating for no obvious reason.

March 15, 12:30 am: West Campus - A vehicle parked over night at West Campus was vandalized when a fire extinguisher was discharged inside it.

March 11, 7:25 am: Chown Hall - A fire alarm activated due to a detector (possibly) set off by cooking in a nearby kitchen.

March 8, 7:25 pm: Chown Hall - A fire alarm occurred in the Residence when a smoke detector activated for no obvious reason.

March 11, 3:30 am: Victoria Hall - A fire alarm occurred in the Residence due to a maliciously activated pull station.

March 10, 1:10 am; McNeill House - A fire alarm occurred in the Residence due to a fire extinguisher being maliciously discharged  near a detector on the first floor.

March 9, 7:15 pm: Gordon Brockington House - A fire alarm occurred in the Residence due to a maliciously activated pull station.

March 9, 6:15 pm: Gordon Brockington House - A fire alarm occurred in the Residence due to a maliciously activated pull station.

March 10, 1:40 am: Victoria Hall - A fire alarm occurred in the Residence due to a maliciously activated pull station. Security was informed some witnesses had reported knowing the identity of the person who set off the alarm and that information was provided to Residence staff.

March 7, 11:25 pm: Chown Hall - The fire alarm system activated in the Residence and was soon determined caused by a stairwell smoke detector. No cause for the alarm was found and the system was reset by Security at 11:35.


March 29, 2:39 am: Campus - RAS dispatch reported having received a call from the area for an individual who fell over a railing. Security staff attended and were informed a student was walking/balancing on a length of railing and fell a fair distance to a cement enclosure below. Another student passing by reported she heard him there and called an ambulance. The student was retrieved from the area he fell into by Security and then transported to KGH.


March 21, 11:23 pm: Clark Hall - Pub staff requested Security attend to assist in dealing with an unruly patron recently kicked out of the bar. At the time of the call he was reported to be downstairs causing problems and attempting to smash a candy machine.  The identified student had already left the scene by the time Security staff arrived.

March 16, 11:15 pm: Clark Hall - Pub Staff requested Security attend to assist Sci Cons in dealing with an unruly patron. The Security Supervisor and Student Patrol attended and were informed the identified student had already left after punching a wall and kicking over a candy machine.


March 19, 8:10 pm: Campus - Campus Security was informed a vending machine on campus was broken into and two individuals - a male and a female - seen in the area are believed to be involved.

The male was described as being between 25 and 32 years old, 200 lbs, 5'8"-6' tall with light to medium brown hair. He was wearing a dark color winter jacket, jeans, brown shoes, and carrying a large black bag.

The female was described as being approximately 25 to 30 years old with a slight to medium build and shoulder length curly blond hair.  She was wearing a white winter coat with red strips on the side and on the cuffs, and carrying a black purse.

March 16, 9:30 am: Campus - A staff member reported a suspicious male entered his office, seemingly unaware it was occupied, and then claimed to be looking for a staircase before quickly left the area.  He was observed by another individual in the building who also thought he appeared suspicious.  Security attended but a search of the area was unsuccessful in locating the suspect.

The suspect was described as being a Caucasian male in his early 20s, 6' tall with a thin build, and wearing a light brown hoodie with the hood up, and carrying a black circular gym bag w. white handles.

March 8, 4:45 am: Underground Garage - Security staff, while patrolling the Underground Garage on Stuart street, located three individuals smoking beside a "No Smoking" sign inside the garage..  The group was cooperative when spoken to and left the area.

March 8, 1:30 am: Campus - While on mobile patrol of main campus, Security observed a male individual attempting to pull a bicycle away from the bike racks it was secured to. When approached, the suspect ran off but was detained being a building after a short foot chase. The intoxicated individual provided ID which revealed he was a student living in Residences. The student was informed he may be held liable for any damage the bike may have incurred and Security assisted him in locating a shoe he lost during the chase.  Security later checked on the bicycle and found no signs of damage.

March 7, 2:02 am: Student Housing Area - The Emergency Report Center received a call from a student living in a house near main campus who reported a male individual wearing a hula skirt was throwing garbage around in the street.  That was followed later by the same caller reporting one or two males were looking in the window of their house, but during this report the caller realized they knew who the individuals were and hung up. Security staff attended the area but found no one fitting the provided description and no sign of garbage in the street.


March 19, 7:05 am: Underground Garage - A caller reported her vehicle's passenger window was smashed and a white cell phone, briefcase, purse and wallet stolen from inside.

March 16, 7:21 pm: West Campus - The ERC was informed a vehicle was broken into while parked in the West Campus lot. Nothing was immediately noticed missing from inside.

March 16, 9:20 am: West Campus - KGH Security contacted the ERC to report being informed a vehicle appeared to have been broken into at the Richardson Stadium lot.  Security attended to confirm the report and it appeared some property may have been stolen from inside. Information was gathered at the scene and the owner was contacted.

March 8, 7:32 pm: Underground Garage - Parking staff reported a vehicle had been broken into and items stolen from inside.  Security later discovered a second vehicle had been broken into that day.


March 10, 1:30 am: Campus - A Security Patrol observed a group of males carrying off a bicycle rack. The Security Supervisor attended and had the six males return the rack from where they'd stolen it.


March 1, 2:30 pm: Campus - The Parking Dept contacted Security to meet their staff, who had discovered a vehicle with an altered/fraudulent parking permit on campus. The vehicle was later towed from the property.

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