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ARCHIVE: May 2007


May 30, 9:10 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A student reported his bike was stolen from the MacCorry bicycle racks after its lock was cut and left behind by the perpetrator. It is a black Raleigh Tomahawk mountain bike with quick release tires and Shimano shifters.

May 26, 7:35 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A caller reported his bike was stolen from the buildings bicycle racks. It is a silver Trek 9300 FX, serial number C54GL053.

May 18, 4:15 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A student reported her yellow bike was stolen while locked to a lamp post overnight.

May 14, 8:15 am: An Clachan Complex - Tenant reports bike stolen from racks a few days earlier. It is a black & grey 'Carrera Maori' with shocks on both wheels and also has a removable front wheel and seat which were still left on it - serial # 01317687

May 10, 4:30 pm: McLaughlin Hall - Student reported his bike was stolen from the north side bike racks sometime between 12:30 and 4:30 pm. It is a red, specialized Rockhopper Comp - serial # WUD10307X (or NUD10307X).

May 9, 12:00 pm: Chernoff Hall - A student reported his black "Gary Fisher Wahoo" bicycle was stolen from the building's bike racks sometime between 9:00 am and noon earlier that day. The bicycle had been secure to the racks with a lock that was cut and left behind by the perpetrator.

May 8, 8:00 pm: Stauffer Library - A caller reported his black, blue & silver "Giant Rincon" mountain bike w. red shocks on the front was stolen from where it had been secured to the bicycle racks with a cable lock.

May 7, 11:00 pm: An Clachan Complex - A Student Security Patrol was approached by a tenant who reported his bicycle was stolen at about 9:30 pm on May 4.  It is a silver and blue 18 speed 'Schwinn Challenger' with scratches on the right side of the frame.

May 1, 1:50 pm: JDUC - A student reported his green Mountain bicycle was stolen from where he'd locked it to the bike racks two days earlier.


May 29, 1:21 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported leaving his laptop computer unattended for about 5 minutes and returning to find it had been stolen.  It is a grey and black Asus A2K computer, serial # 49NPO64395.

May 15, 1:35 pm; Campus - Staff reported their Toshiba A100 laptop computer was stolen (Serial #: X6332556Q and Model #: PSAA8C-TA202C).


May 19, 11:40 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A vehicle was broken into in the parking lot and a cell phone stolen from inside.

May 19, 8:25 pm: West Campus - While on mobile patrol of the west campus lots, the Security Supervisor met up with an individual who had his vehicle broken into. A large duffle bag had been taken along with some vehicle documents.

Security searched the surrounding area and located the duffle bag at another location. The owner was subsequently contacted and returned to retrieve his property.

May 6, 8:45 pm: West Campus - Campus Security was informed two vehicles were broken into sometime that evening. One vehicles contents were scattered around the area, but nothing appeared missing, while the other had a wallet containing vehicle identification stolen. Kingston City Police also attended to the scene.


May 3, 10:50 am: Campus - A staff member reported observing some students doing surveying work while standing in the middle of Union Street with cars driving around them.  The caller requested Security attend to point out the potential dangers of standing in the middle of the road to the students.  The Security Supervisor was dispatched but later reported the area was clear when they arrived.


May 1, 8:40 am: Residences - Campus Security was informed a small fire was set behind one of the Residence buildings, likely during the previous evening or very early morning. Security and Environmental Health & Safety staff attended and confirmed some text books were set on fire and then put out with a fire extinguisher.

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