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ARCHIVE: August 2007


August 31, 10:20 am: Residences - The Emergency Report Centre was contacted by a Residence staff person who witnessed a vehicle back up into a parked car and immediately drive off.  A description of the driver along with details of their vehicle and the damaged one were provided. Kingston City Police were also notified.


August 29, 4:00 pm: Campus - The ERC was informed a computer monitor with the words "Queen`s University" engraved on it was stolen from a display case.

August 28, 2:05 pm: University Property - Staff reported a Samsung computer was stolen within the past week. It's model# is FMCH-202-XP-N and the serial# is L203589L.

Note: City Police have recovered some items in the past but had no way of identifying them as Queen's property.  See "Protect Yourself Against Equipment Theft" in Safety Tips & Products.


August 26, 12:08 pm: JDUC - A caller reported his bicycle was stolen while cable locked to the bike rack an hour earlier. It is a brand new black mountain bike with some red and yellow on it.

August 15, Botterell Hall - A caller reported her bicycle was stolen while left unlocked outside the building for about 15 minutes.  It is an older 10 or 12 speed brown "Free Spirit" bicycle with worn tires.

Bicycles should always be locked up. However, even a locked bike can be vandalized or stolen. If you view suspicious persons or activity around a bicycle rack, or a locked bicycle elsewhere, please contact Campus Security right away via cell phone, assistance phone, pay phone or Emergency 'blue light' phone, etc.  If you discover your bike is missing, contact Campus Security and Kingston Police as soon as possible. Check out our "locking up your bicycle" page for some helpful tips.


August 22, 2:10 pm: Dupuis Hall - A staff member reported his red pickup truck was stolen from the Dupuis Hall parking lot sometime between 7:30 am and 2:00 pm.


August 13, 4:40 pm - The Emergency Report Centre was informed a vehicle was broken into while parked in the Stuart Street underground garage.  The only items immediately noticed missing were some loonie and toonie coins.

If you have to leave valuables inside your vehicle, be sure to lock them in the trunk - never leave them where they can be seen from outside the vehicle.


August 13, 3:15 pm: Stauffer Library - A caller reported her wallet was stolen while left unattended.

Please do not leave personal items unattended and/or unsecured, even for a brief time.

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