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ARCHIVE: September 2007


September 30, 3:43 pm: Campus - Campus Security was informed a vehicle was discovered vandalized in a parking lot.  The Security Supervisor attended and confirmed the rear widow of a van had been smashed out, likely by a thrown beer bottle.


September 29, 10:15 pm: Campus - While on mobile patrol of campus, Security staff observed two males with the address & name plaque belonging to a University building.  When questioned one of the individuals fled on foot while the other, who produced ID identifying him as a student, was cooperative and dismissed after his identification was recorded.

The fleeing student was pursued into and through a Residence (he used his own keys to access) before locking himself inside a room.  Residence staff and Kingston City Police also attended and the individual was soon identified as a student.  Details of this incident were forwarded to the AMS Judicial committee for review.

September 12, 4:30 pm: Goodes Hall - A student reported she just confronted two males attempting to steal a bicycle from in front of the building.  The individuals managed to partially cut into the lock but fled when the student intervened.  Security dispatched to the scene immediately but the suspects were not located. Kingston City Police were also notified.

Both are described as being Caucasian men in their 30s, about 5' 6" tall, with slim builds and short dark brown hair (one with sideburns). One man was was wearing a black shirt with red sleeves and jeans .


September 29, 2:15 am: Victoria Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence and both KFD and Security were informed to attend.  It was soon discovered a pull station had been activated near an exterior door for no apparent reason.

An RLC approached Security and reported a group of students observed three males suspected of activating the alarm and apprehended them after a short chase. One of the three suspect students later admitted activating the pull station maliciously.

September 26, 7:29 pm: Jean Royce Hall - The fire alarm sounded at both 7:29 pm and 9:36 pm due to two incidents of burning food in a kitchen stove.

September 26, 00:25 am: Gordon Brockington House - The fire alarm activated twice due to a faulty detector. KFD and Security responded and the detector was replaced.

September 24, 11:10 am: Chown Hall - The fire alarm activated due to burnt toast.  KFD and Security responded.

September 24, 00:45 am: Victoria Hall - The fire alarm was activated and the Residence evacuated after reports of a burning chemical smell in the building.  KFd and Security responded and, after sweeping the area with detectors, it was determined someone likely burned a plastic container in a microwave oven. The fire alarm system was reset by Security at 1:21 am.

September 23, 8:05 pm: Jean Royce Hall - A fire alarm activated due to burned pizza in the kitchen oven.

September 23, 11:10 pm: John Orr Tower - A fire alarm activated in the building and both Security and KFD were dispatched. A faulty detector was determined to have caused the alarm and was subsequently repaired or replaced.

September 20, 7:38 am: Jean Royce Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence and both KFD and Security were informed to attend. Soon after arrival it was determined cooking smoke from the kitchen had activated a detector. Security reset the alarm system at 8:04 pm.

September 16, 1:21 am: Leonard Hall - A caller reported there was a burning smell in the Residence and was requested to activate the fire alarm system.  Both Security and KFD were informed to attend and arrived at the 4th floor where heat detecting equipment located a burnt ballast in a light fixture.  The system was restored by Security at 1:38 am and an electrician called in to replace the ballast. 

September 15, 1:05 pm: Jean Royce Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence and both Security and KFD attended. After arrival, it was soon determined a detector had activated due to cooking smoke.

September 8, 3:50 am: Victoria Hall - The Residence's fire alarm activated and both KFD and Security were informed to attend.  They arrived to find a pull station had been activated for no apparent reason. It was reset by Security staff at 3:58 am.

September 5, 9:40 pm: Gordon Brockington House - A fire alarm activated in the Residence and both KFD and Security were informed to attend. They soon determined a pull station had been maliciously activated and they reset the alarm. Residence dons reported a number of individuals saw a student in the vicinity of the pull station just before and immediately after the alarm sounded. This incident is currently being investigated.

September 5, 00:14 am: Victoria Hall - A fire alarm was indicated for the Residence and both Security and KFD were informed to attend. Soon after arrival, they determined a pull station had been activated for no apparent reason on the ground floor.  An RLC reported having information about the perpetrator and this incident is currently being investigated.

September 3, 2:50 am: An Clachan Complex - Kingston Fire contacted the ERC to report they were responding to a fire alarm at this location. Both Security and Apartment & Housing staff were also contacted to attend.  Security met with KFD on scene and it was soon determined the alarm was caused by a detector activating for no obvious reason.  It was replaced and the system reset a short time later.


September 28, 9:50 pm: Residences - A desk clerk contacted the Emergency Report Centre after being informed there were two suspicious males in the building who appeared to be taking items out of some bathrooms. Security searched the area but did not locate anyone matching the provided description.


September 27, 9:50 pm: McArthur Hall - Campus Security was informed a light blue Brodie Alpha model bike with 'John Henry' stickers had been stolen from outside the building.

September 24, 12:35 pm: Waldron Tower - A student reported his Black "Specialized" Mountain Bike had been stolen. 

September 18, 1:30 pm: Biosciences Complex - Caller reports his bike was stolen between 8:30 and 11:30 that morning.  It is a red 'Da Vinci Stockholm' model bicycle.

September 17, 10:25 pm: Stirling Hall - A caller reported his bicycle was stolen sometime between 6:00 pm the previous day and 10:30 am the next morning. It is a Gary Fisher bike with a front suspension. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

September 12, 12:39 pm: Campus - Campus Security received a stolen bike report.  It is a metallic charcoal colour 'Specialized Crossroads' - serial# SNPZ417793 .

September 10, 6:20 pm: Gordon Brockington House - ERC received a call from the individual who reported his bike was recently stolen. It is a black Norco Bush Pilot with neon green lights.

September 10, Stauffer Library - A student reported his older model blue bicycle was stolen a few days earlier from where it had been chained to the bike racks outside.

September 9, 3:15 pm: Leggett Hall - A student reported the "pop off" bicycle seat from her bike was stolen sometime earlier in the day.

September 4, 9:27 pm: Leggett Hall - A student reported his yellow 'Vincente' mountain bike was stolen from the bike racks while secured with a cable lock.

Bicycles should always be locked up. However, even a locked bike can be vandalized or stolen. If you view suspicious persons or activity around a bicycle rack, or a locked bicycle elsewhere, please contact Campus Security right away via cell phone, assistance phone, pay phone or Emergency 'blue light' phone, etc.  If you discover your bike is missing, contact Campus Security and Kingston Police as soon as possible. Check out our "locking up your bicycle" page for some helpful tips.


September 18, 3:30 pm: Campus - Staff reported the theft of a laptop computer. It is a Apple mac Book, Model MA254LL/A, Serial #: 4H6215BKU9B .

September 7, 9:30 am: Walter Light Hall - Staff report a large banner reading "Electrical and Computer Engineering" was stolen from the building's second floor lobby.  Staff are investigating its disappearance.

Note: City Police have recovered some items in the past but had no way of identifying them as Queen's property.  See "Protect Yourself Against Equipment Theft" in Safety Tips & Products.


September 16, 7:39 pm: JDUC - A student reported having left her backpack in an office the previous night and returned at about 2:00 am to discover an unknown male standing inside.  The backpack was not immediately noticed missing, but it is suspected it may have been taken by the man..  It is a grey MEC backpack that contained textbooks, notebooks, and an iPod.  A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

The suspect is described as being a "scruffy looking" Caucasian man between 25 and 30 years old, approximately 5'7" tall with a stocky build, sandy colored hair, and had "squinty eyes".

September 8, 9:50 am: Residences - A student reported a money clip was stolen from his room while it was left unlocked and unattended.  It contained a small amount of cash, ID, and a gift certificate.

September 3, 7:35 pm: Residences - The ERC was informed a Cannon SD camera was stolen from a Residence room, likely while the room was left unlocked and unoccupied.

Please do not leave personal items unattended and/or unsecured even for a brief time.


September 16, 7:00 pm: Campus - A Security Patrol reported they were being followed by a puppy.  It did not have a collar or tags so was retrieved by the Supervisor and later turned over to the Humane Society (their report number is: 1342)

September 3, 12:25 pm: Campus - The Emergency Report Centre received a call from a student requesting assistance in retrieving his keys.  The caller stated he'd thrown his keys onto the roof of Mackintosh Corry Hall last night by accident..  A custodian was contacted to locate the keys and return them to the student.


September 11, 3:00 pm: Campus - A caller reported a silver briefcase, containing computer software and tools, was stolen from his unlocked vehicle while parked on Bader Lane.

September 3, 2:25 pm: West Campus - A caller reported his vehicle was broken into while parked for four days in the McArthur Hall lot.  It appeared the perpetrator smashed the car's lock and removed a few dollars in change from inside.


September 1, 9:20 pm: Victoria Hall - A desk clerk requested someone attend to deal with a bat flying around in a 5th floor hallway.  Security staff attended to confirm the report and managed to catch the bat in a knitted touque, then released it safely outside.

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