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ARCHIVE: October 2007


October 30, 10:55 am: Stauffer Library - A caller reported a wallet was stolen out of her purse while accidentally unattended. While security was on scene to meet with the individual, library staff discovered the wallet in one of the stack - it still contained the identification but was missing a small amount of cash.

October 29, 10:15 am: Residences - A student reported finding himself locked out of his room, and left a number of items sitting outside his door while he was away arranging for access. When the student returned, he discovered his wallet was missing. 


November 5, 5:15 pm: Jeffrey Hall - A caller reported his bicycle was stolen while cable locked outside the building for the day.  It is a red and silver 'Jeep' brand bicycle.


October 30, 8:32 pm: Jean Royce Hall - The fire alarm system activated due to cooking smoke on the 2nd floor. The system was reset by Security at 8:52 pm.

October 27, 4:58 pm: Gordon Brockington House - The fire alarm activated due to burnt food in the 2nd floor kitchen.

October 24, 10:34 pm: Leggett Hall -The fire alarm activated due to burnt popcorn on the 2nd floor lounge. System restored by security at 10:53 pm.

October 24, 5:55 pm: Jean Royce Hall - The fire alarm activated due to cooking smoke in a 4th floor kitchen.


October 25, 12:21 pm: Campus - A staff member reported their unlocked vehicle had been entered and paperwork strewn around inside.  No property was immediately noticed missing.

October 15, 8:30 pm: An Clachan Complex - A tenant reported his vehicle was broken into sometime during the previous few days. The face plate of a newly installed stereo and some CDs were stolen.


October 22, 12:31 pm: An Clachan Complex - A tenant reported hearing a nearby apartment's smoke detector going off for about half an hour. She then walked by the apartment and detected a burning smell.  The caller could provide no additional details because she had already left the building and on her way to main campus..

Apartment and Housing staff were immediately notified and had a superintendent already in the area check on the report. He confirmed there was a problem and accessed the apartment where he discovered a pot burning on a hot stove element and the tenant not there.

October 22, 00:01 am: Campus Substation - The fire alarm activated in the Substation, just North of Victoria Hall, due to a faulty detector.

October 19, 1:45 pm: Jean Royce Hall - The fire alarm system activated due to smoke caused when a pot of rice overflowed onto the burner of a stove inside the kitchen area.

October 21, 7:05 pm: JDUC - The fire alarm activated due to a grease fire in the International Center kitchen. The fire was extinguished by individuals in the area before KFD arrived.

It was noted that the Upper Celidh of the JDUC was also flooded with smoke, yet many people did not evacuate the area despite the audible fire alarm and smoke..

October 17, 2:15 pm: Stauffer Library - The fire alarm was activated after reports of a burning smell in the library.  KFD attended and searched the area with a thermal heat detector. No cause was located for the smell and it was soon determined a burnt light ballast may have been the source. 

It was also noted some people were found still inside the building well after the fire alarm activated and the building was otherwise emptied.

October 15, 8:00 pm: Ban Righ Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence due to cooking smoke.

October 6, 1:45 pm: Jean Royce Hall  - Fire alarm activated due to cooking smoke.

October 4, 11:34 pm: Jean Royce Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence and both Security and KFD were informed to attend. Soon after arrival it was determined something left burning on a common room stove had set off a smoke detector nearby.  Security reset the system at 11:44 pm and KFD cleared the scene.


October 21, 6:28 pm: Campus - The Emergency Report Center was informed three males were seen putting on disguises and then driving erratically through and then out of the Mackintosh Corry parking lot.  Kingston City Police were already notified by the witness and Security staff met to search for the vehicle and suspects.  The empty vehicle was located a short time later parked on University Avenue, and the three males - all Queen's students - located soon afterwards.  

The students claimed to be filming a video skit and were given a warning by police about their actions that evening (driving recklessly, wearing disguises, etc).

October 14, 6:20 pm: PhysEd Centre - A student reported encountering an unknown male in a women's change room. The man didn't say anything, and appeared flustered as he quickly left the scene.  Security staff checked this and surrounding buildings without locating the man.

He was briefly described as appearing to be in his late 40s, bald, wearing glasses along with a grey suit and blue collared shirt while carrying a briefcase.


October 17, 7:50 pm: Campus - Staff reported discovering signs of pry marks on a set of exterior doors to a main campus building.  The door was secured for the evening and Physical Plant Services notified to make repairs.

October 13, 9:05 am: Residences - An electrician was contacted to attend to an 'emergency' exit sign that was torn out of the ceiling and had exposed wires.  The electrician arrived soon afterwards and effected repairs.


October 15, 9:00 pm: Beamish Monroe - A custodian reported observing two young males steal a red bicycle from the building's bike racks, leaving behind a smaller silver bicycle.  Kingston City Police were contacted to attend and took possession of the silver bike.


October 15, 5:10 pm: Student Housing Area - A student reported a laptop computer may have been stolen from his house located near main campus. It is a blue Ceciro F120C-E1 computer with a cracked monitor. The serial number for its hard drive is: WXE307387489 .

October 3, 11:03 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported her wallet was stolen out of a backpack that was left unattended sometime between 8:00 and 10:00 pm.

September 29, 1:25 pm: Residences - A student reported a black HP laptop computer was stolen from their room - likely accessing it by reaching through a ground floor window.


October 3, 10:30 am: Campus -  The Emergency Report Centre received reports that a male bicyclist had been in an accident with a moving vehicle and may require an ambulance.  Campus Security, Queen's First Aid, and Regional Ambulance were all contacted to attend.  The individual was treated for minor injuries at the scene and left for home a short while later.

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