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ARCHIVE: December 2007


December 26, 12:35 pm: Waldron Tower - The ERC was called with a report that an outside window had been broken at the Residence. Security attended and determined access could not be gained, but it did pose a safety hazard, so a PPS tradesman was called in to make repairs. 


December 16, 5:20 am: Chown Hall - The fire alarm activated in the Residence due to a malfunctioning sensor.  An external technician was called in to maker repairs.

December 16, 3:19 am: Jean Royce Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence and both Security & KFD were contacted to attend.  Upon arrival it was discovered someone had set fire to a piece of paper attached to a room door.  The fire was already out at that time and the alarm system reset at 3:30 am.  Residence staff were informed of the incident.

December 13, 9:30 pm: Goodwin Hall - A fire alarm in the building was responded to by Security & KFD and soon determined to be caused by a maliciously pull station activation.

December 8, 8:50 pm: Morris Hall - The fire alarm activated in the Residence and both Security & KFD responded.  The system was reset at 8:59 pm.  No cause for the alarm was located.

December 8, 10:24 am: Waldron Tower - Security & KFD responded a fire alarm in the Residence. It was soon determined a detector was activated due to cooking smoke on the 4th floor.  The system was restored by 10:36 am.

December 7, 8:20 pm: Dunning Hall -  A fire alarm occurred in the building due to a maliciously activated pull station.


December 13, 11:21 pm: Stauffer Library - Campus Security received a report that a coat was stolen while left unattended behind a desk.  It is a grey GAP jacket with a white USB key in the pocket.

December 13, 3:56 pm: Stauffer Library -A student reported their laptop and wallet was stolen from a study carrel while left unattended for about 10 minutes. The laptop is a dark grey Sanya Veio with a fingerprint scanner. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police. 

December 12, 11:40 am: Campus - A large leather purse with over-the-shoulder strap was reported stolen from the building while left unattended for a short time.

December 8, 4:54 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported her wallet was stolen from inside a purse while left unattended for about 5 minutes.

December 5, 5:30 pm: PhysEd Centre - A caller reported their winter coat was stolen from the squash courts.  It also contained keys, a cell phone, iPod and ID.


December 13, 10:20 am: Campus - Staff reported a UPS back-up, measuring approx 24"X12" and weighing ~47 lbs, was stolen from inside a building.  Serial# 5A0733T44240 and part# SC1000/1500 .


December 12, 11:14 pm: An Clachan Complex - A tenant reported their dark blue minivan was stolen from the parking lot sometime before 3:00 pm that day.


December 1, 2:30 pm, PhysEd Centre - Staff contacted the ERC to report a couple of squirrels were in the rafters above the pool and throwing things down into it.  A Pest Control company was called to remove the squirrels.

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