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ARCHIVE: January 2008


January 28, 1:21 pm: Waldron Tower - A detector activated the fire alarm inside the Residence and both Security & KFD attended.  No cause was located and the system was reset soon afterwards.

January 25, 7:09 pm: Jean Royce Hall - The fire alarm system was activated by cooking smoke. The alarm was reset by Security at 7:47 pm.

January 14, 11:58 am: Gordon Brockington House - The fire alarm system activated as a result of welders work being done in the Residence.

January 13, 3:22 am: Morris Hall - The fire alarm system was activated in the Residence after someone discharged a fire extinguisher on the second floor.  Security and KFD attended and a fire watch was set up until the area was cleaned by maintenance staff and the alarm system reset.

January 6, 6:55 pm: An Clachan Complex - KFD and Security responded to a report of a dumpster fire. It was extinguished immediately and the dumpster owners and Apartment & Housing contacts were informed.

January 6, 4:20 am: Jean Royce Hall - The fire alarm activated in the Residence and both KFD and Security attended.  Upon arrival it was determined a smoke detector had activated in an area where both cigarette smoke and a burning smell were detected.  A student was located in the area and denied smoking but confirmed he had been burning his jeans in the washroom.. The system was reset by Security at 4:41am.

January 6, 6:35 pm: Gordon Brockington House - The fire alarm was activated by cooking smoke in the Residence.

January 5, 5:45 am: Underground Garage - The fire alarm system activated due to a burst sprinkler pipe.

January 4, 7:10 pm: Chown Hall - The fire alarm activated in the Residence, possibly due to fumes created by a custodian cleaning the area.


January 31, 5:51 pm: Campus - The ERC received a call reporting someone had placed an anti-war sticker over their vehicle's "Support Our Troops" bumper sticker.

Similar incidents have been reported elsewhere in the city and, according to a Whig Standard newspaper article, police have stated "anyone caught altering the magnets on someone's car or putting one where it is not wanted will face a mischief charge".

January 13, 11:00 pm: Campus - While patrolling main campus, Security staff discovered a University owned vehicle had been spray painted with graffiti.  The department owning that vehicle was contacted and informed of the vandalism.

January 10, 2:25 am: Victoria Hall - A caller reported someone threw an object through a ground floor window.  A group of individuals witnessed in the area had left the scene before Security arrived.


January 31, 8:41 am: Campus - Staff report a laptop computer were stolen from an office while it was open and unattended.

January 25, 1:50 pm: Campus - Staff reported two laptop computers were stolen from rooms left unattended for a short time.  Two unknown persons, a man and woman, were observed and questioned briefly at around the same time.

The female was described as being Caucasian , in her mid to late 40s with an average build and light brown straight hair past her shoulders.

The male was described as also being Caucasian in his mid 40s, approximately 5'9" tall with an average build and had grey / white hair.
NOTE: This description is similar to a suspicious person reports alert issued the same week.

The stolen computers included a Toshiba Satellite A-100 laptop computer (serial# Z6034529Q), and a second computer described only as being a 5 year old blue Toshiba Satellite laptop.

January 3, 3:35 pm: Campus - Staff reported an office was broken into over the holiday period but no property was stolen.


January 16, 5;17 pm: PhysEd Centre - Two students reported their lockers were broken into and property stolen from inside. Items included a large black 'North Face' jacket, a black Samsung M610 cell pone, black & white 'Hurley' shoes, and a black & grey 'Mountain Equipment' backpack.

January 16, 3:20 pm: Campus - Staff reported a jacket was stolen from a locker room two days earlier.  Security was informed and later collected evidence that was shared with Kingston City Police.

January 14, Residences - A student reported his wallet was stolen sometime during the night while a number of people were in and out of his room.  The caller was advised to also file a report with Kingston City Police.

January 9, 11:00 am, Residences - A student reported some keys were stolen from their room while it was left unlocked and unoccupied for a short time.

January 3, 7:25 pm: PhysEd Centre - Two student reported their property was stolen from the Bartlett Gym about an hour earlier. Items included jackets, cell phone, ID, and other clothing.  Some of the property was later located in a recycling bin at the JDUC and turned over to police.


January 15, 1:50 pm: Campus - A staff member reported encountering a suspicious male in the building who was evasive when spoken to and then left the scene.  Security staff attended and searched both the building and surrounding area but the individual was not relocated. He was briefly described as being a Caucasian male with a red complexion, approximately 6'3" tall and wearing a ball cap.

January 10, 1:25 am: Student Housing Area - A caller reported an unknown intoxicated man in his late teens or early twenties just stumbled into his house and then walked back out again.  The Security Supervisor and Kingston City Police were informed.


January 13, 2:55 am: Campus - Security and Queens First Aid attended to an intoxicated student found laying on the ground outside a construction site.  The individual reported he fell from the top of the security fence surrounding the site while trying to climb it. He was assessed by QFA and then sent home by taxi. University administration were also informed of the incident.

January 12, 3:00 am: Campus - A caller contacted the ERC to report some people were seen inside a construction site.  Both Security and Kingston City Police attended and found a section of the fence damaged but no trespassers were located.


January 6, 2:20 pm: An Clachan Complex - A tenant called the Emergency Report Centre to complain his neighbour has been playing the same song quite loudly and repeatedly for two days straight.  The Security Supervisor attended to speak with the other tenant who agreed to turn the volume down.

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