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ARCHIVE: February 2008


February 20, 9:30 am: Campus - The ERC was informed a University owned laptop computer was stolen from an unlocked room sometime within the previous 18 hours.  It was described as a Toshiba A40 laptop, serial number 1408100H .

February 18, 10:40 am: Campus - Staff reported their office was broken into and a laptop stolen.  It is a silver 17" Dell Inspiron with 'Dartfish' software installed on it.  The serial number is F7N1T71 . A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.


February 23, 8:45 pm: Jean Royce Hall - Fire alarm activated in the Residence due to cooking smoke.  Security reset the alarm system at 9:05 pm.

February 20, 9:15 pm: Morris Hall - A third floor detector activated the fire alarm system inside the Residence. Both Security & KFD attended and the system was reset at 9:27 pm.

February 20, 5:50 pm: Jean Royce Hall - Cooking smoke activated the fire alarm system inside the Residence and both KFD & Security attended.  The system was reset by Security at 5:57 pm.

February 16, 6:24 pm; Chown Hall - The fire alarm activated inside the Residence and both Security & KFD attended.  It was soon discovered a detector had activated due to a burnt pie in the oven of the 3rd floor kitchen.  The alarm was reset by Security at 6:42 pm.

February 14, 7:39 am: Chown Hall - A smoke detector outside a kitchen area activated inside the Residence, likely as a result of cooking smoke.

February 13, 7:00 pm: Chown Hall - The fire alarm activated inside the Residence due to burnt food in the main floor kitchen.

February 13, 5:38 am: Ban Righ Hall - The Residence fire alarm activated due to a water leak setting of a detector.  The alarm was silenced by Security staff and a fire watch implemented until the system could be repaired.

February 8, 9:40 pm: Ontario Hall - The fire alarm system was activated after a caller reported a burning smell inside the building.  KFD and Security attended and it was soon determined a burnt light ballast was the source. An electrician was called in and the alarm reset by Security. 

February 7, 5:30 am: Leggett Hall - The fire alarm system activated and both Security & KFD attended.  It was determined a fault in the system caused the alarm and a technician was called in to repair it.

February 3, 10:12 pm: Beamish Monroe / ILC - KFD and Campus Security responded to a small oven fire in the building.  It was extinguished before their arrival and the alarm system was reset at 10:40 pm.

February 2, 9:10 pm: Waldron Tower - Campus Security & KFD responded to a fire alarm in the Residence. It was soon discovered a detector was activated due to burnt popcorn and the alarm was reset by Security.


February 29, 1:45 pm: Campus - A student reported his computer was stolen while left unattended in the hallway outside an exam area.  It is a grey & black HP Compaq 6510B laptop computer.


February 19, 10:31 pm: Stauffer Library - The ERC was informed a bicycle was stolen from the bike racks outside.  It was briefly described as a red woman's style bike and the seat had red striped on it.


February 11, 7:13 pm: Beamish Monroe - Custodial staff contacted Security to report three chairs were vandalized on the 3rd floor of the building, one broken entirely, and several holes punched in the wall.

February 10, 10:45 am: Campus - A caller reported their vehicle was vandalized with white paint while parked on campus.  Soon afterwards, another caller reported graffiti was spray painted in white paint on exterior walls of the Biosciences Center.

February 5, Campus - An individual contacted Campus Security to report their vehicle had been "keyed" overnight while parked in a Queen's lot.


February 9, 11:15 am: Policy Studies Building - The ERC received a report of a suspicious man seen inside the building.  The individual was pushing a baby stroller covered with a white cloth that the witness believed may have been empty.. The man was briefly described as being  Caucasian, in his early 30s, and wearing a green jacket, baggy pants and a hat.

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