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ARCHIVE: March 2008


March 31, 12:35 pm: Victoria Hall - The fire alarm activated in the Residence due to maintenance work being done inside the building.

March 29, 1:45 am: Victoria Hall - A fire alarm was set off in the Residence due to a maliciously activated pull station.

March 28, 2:25 am: Underground Garage - Security staff discovered a small electrical fire had occurred in the garage but was extinguished before their arrival.  KFD was called to attend as well as a PPS electrician who fixed the problem.

March 26, 11:23 pm: Waldron Tower - The fire alarm activated in the Residence due to cooking smoke. Both Security and KFD attended and the system was reset at 11:38 pm.

March 13, 10:20 pm; John Orr Tower - A caller reported a smoke detector had activated in the building, and a tenant confirmed to Security staff there was a small cooking fire that had been immediately extinguished.  Apartment & Housing staff and EH&S were informed of the incident.

March 12, 7:29 pm: Ban Righ Hall - A fire alarm activated in the Residence due to a faulty detector.  Campus Security staff reset the alarm at 7:49 pm and an electrician was called in to replace the detector.

March 3, 12:14 pm: Victoria Hall - A pull station was activated in the Residence due to a report of a gas smell inside the building.  The area was searched by KFD and PUC (Public Utilities) but no gas was detected.


March 30, 1:56 am: Gordon Brockington House - Residence staff reported someone tore down an Emergency Exit sign, exposing bare wires that were hanging from the ceiling. An electrician was called in who made temporary repairs until the sign could be replaced.

March 15, 7:02 pm: Leonard Hall - A brief food fight occurred in the Residence's cafeteria and staff immediately closed the area for safety reasons (floor slippery with food).  One individual was injured with possible glass fragments in their eye and transported to hospital.  Residence Life staff were on scene and indicated there would be an investigation of the incident as well as follow up with one or more students already identified as participants.


March 28, 9:00 am: Construction Site - Campus Security was informed two Tri-Colour flags were stolen from a construction site earlier that morning.

March 7, 1:05 pm: Campus - Staff reported a light silver colour MacBook Pro computer, Serial# SW87171RDWOH was stolen from an office.


March 27, 2:05 pm, Biosciences Complex - A student reported his laptop computer was stolen from an occupied room while it was sitting next to the doorway. It was briefly described as a silver Toshiba laptop.

March 17, 11:00 am: Stauffer Library - Campus Security received a report that a purse was stolen from the library while left unattended for a short time.

March 7, 4:36 pm: Residences - A student reported his XBox video game system and two controllers were stolen from his room while it was left unlocked and unattended.


March 27, 2:05 am: Campus - The ERC received a report of several males vandalizing a bicycle parked outside a building.  Security staff observed a group in the area quickly disperse in different directions as they arrived, however a quick check of the bicycle did not reveal any damage.

March 26, 4:10 pm: Stauffer Library - The library's Commissionaire contacted Campus Security to report a student informed him he was accosted while in the main loggia's washroom.  According to the student, he was blocked inside a stall by an unknown male who demanded money from him in order to be allowed to leave.  However he managed to exit the washroom unharmed, and then reported the incident to the commissionaire approximately 30 minutes afterwards..

The student briefly described the suspect as being a Caucasian male with a thin build and dark brown hair, approximately 5'11" tall. At the time of this incident he was was wearing a blue denim jacket, a dark shirt, and blue jeans.

Security staff attended the area but were unable to locate anyone matching that description.

March 20, 3:01 pm: JDUC - Staff contacted the ERC to report a student age male in the building who may be under the influence of drugs and refusing to leave.  Security staff arrived soon afterwards and spoke with the individual who again refused to leave, so Kingston City Police were requested to attend. The student likewise refused to cooperate with the police, was escorted out of the area, and then transported off campus by the Officers.

March 19, 8:45 pm: Residences - A student reported having accessed an unknown intoxicated male into the Residence, thinking he wanted entry to visit someone living there, but he is staying in the main lobby.

Security staff attended and IDd the individual before requesting KPD transport him to city Detox.

March 14, 5:15 pm: Stauffer Library - Campus Security was informed the library's commissionaire was escorting an individual out of the building for viewing pornographic websites on a computer.  The Security Supervisor met up with the commissionaire and informed the man, who was uncooperative and confrontational, that he was banned from University property.

The suspect was described as:

- a clean shaven, Caucasian man in his 40s 
- has light brown hair with greying on the sides and thinning on top
- approximately 5'9" or taller with a slight/medium build
- wearing light blue jeans and a tweed jacket
- carrying a light blue, small hard-shell briefcase.


March 27, 12:20 am: JDUC - Student Constables at Alfie's Pub requested Security attend to deal with a number of individuals involved in a confrontation.  Security staff attended and spoke with a student who reported he got into an altercation with an unknown male patron who had made a derogatory comment to a female friend. He was then assaulted after leaving the pub by the same individual along with several other males who all fled when the student's companions came to his aid.  Some minor injuries from the assault were tended to by Queen's First Aid and a report was filed with Kingston City Police.


March 21, 5:26 am: Underground Garage - Security attended to reports that five vehicles were broken into while parked at the Underground Garage on Stuart Street.

March 14, 6:395 am: Underground Garage - The ERC was informed a vehicle had been broken into while parked in the Underground garage.  The only property immediately noticed missing was a cell phone.  Kingston City Police were also contacted about the incident.

March 14, 5:25 am: Underground Garage - Security staff discovered a vehicle had been broken into inside the Stuart Street garage.  The owner was later spoken to and reported the only items stolen were a bag containing children's clothes and a few music CDs.


March 18, 11:10 pm: Student Housing Area - Campus Security received a noise complaint for a home near main campus and attended to speak with the student residing there (see: Off-Campus Response Program). Security staff determined people in the apartment were engaged in a game of 'Rock Band' and the group agreed to lower the volume.


March 18, 1:40 pm: Campus - While on a routine check of campus, a Security Patrol noticed a strong smell of natural gas outside a building on Barrie Street.  The Security Supervisor attended and requested KFD be called as well.  KFD located a leaking gas meter and Kingston PUC were called in to shut off the gas.

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