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ARCHIVE: September 2008


September 28, 1:00 am: Campus - Campus Security responded to a report of a pellet gun being shot at a University Residences building.  The individual(s) involved were located and charges filed against them by Kingston City Police.


September 27, 8:35 am: Campus - A custodian contact the ERC to report discovering a young male sleeping inside a dumpster.  Security staff attended and eventually managed to wake the individual who identified himself as being a student from Laurier University who was in town to visit a friend at Queen's. He got out of the dumpster and made his way off campus.

September 21, 2:10 pm: Underground Parking Garage - The ERC was informed a car parked in the garage had rolled into two other parked vehicles.  Kingston City Police attended along with Security, and the owner of the rolling car was located after being paged at Kingston General Hospital.

September 3, 5:10 am: Campus - Campus Security was contacted by City Police who reported they were transporting a student back to his residence after being found walking down a street without his pants on.  The student informed them he had become very intoxicated at a party off-campus, passed out, and later woke up without his pants or the wallet & keys inside them.  He was assisted in getting access to his residence and advised to replace and cancel the credit and bank cards that were in his wallet.

September 2, 1:52 am: Student Housing Area - A group of male individuals were reported to be in possession of a giant slingshot at the intersections of Johnson and Frontenac Streets. Kingston City Police had also been informed and spoke with the students involved.


September 26, 9:13 am: Arch Street - The ERC was informed a bicyclist had been struck by a vehicle and required an ambulance.  Regional Ambulance, Campus Security, and Queen's First Aid were notified to attend.  The bicyclist was conscious at the scene but had sustained a head injury so paramedics transported him to KGH for treatment.  Kingston City Police and Queen's EH&S also attended this incident.

September 22, 9:30 pm: Victoria Hall - Campus Security and Queen's First Aid were called to the Residence to attend to an intoxicated male student. Upon arrival they were informed another student had loaded the intoxicated male into a shopping cart to transport him to the Campus Observation Room (COR) located in Victoria Hall but, since he was unable to walk on his own and somewhat incoherent, an ambulance was called to transport him to KGH instead.


September 26, Campus - Seven blue light emergency phones were maliciously activated between midnight and 4:00 am, requiring immediate security response. In one case students were observed fleeing the scene and detained by Security staff.

191 malicious or suspected malicious Emergency Phone activations have occurred this calendar year, with 68 activations since September 1st.  NOTE: there have been incidents in the past where Security staff were diverted from actual emergencies by malicious Ephone activations.

September 12, 11:55 pm: Campus - A caller reported their vehicle was vandalized (passenger side mirror torn off) while parked on Bader Lane near the Residences area.

September 7, 12:20 am: Gordon Brockington House - Residence staff reported an Emergency Exit sign was vandalized in the building.

At 12:50, staff at Victoria Hall reported one of their Emergency Exit signs had been torn down leaving exposed wiring.  A PPS electrician was called in to ensure the wiring did not posed a safety risk and it was arranged for the Emergency sign to be replaced.


September 28, 5:06 am: Victoria Hall - The fire alarm system sounded when a pull station was maliciously activated in the Residence.  Both KFD & Campus Security attended and the alarm was reset at 5:16 am.

September 27, 2:55 pm: Jean Royce Hall - Fire alarm activated due to cooking smoke.

September 27, 4:36 am - Gordon Brockington House - Fire alarm pull station activated maliciously and both Security & KFD responded. System reset 4:51 am.

September 25, 8:15 am: JDUC - The ERC received a report that the contents of a large recycling bin was smoldering on the north side of the JDUC.  The contents were doused by a PPS tradesman who was on scene and further extinguished by Security when they arrived.

September 24, 3:20 pm: Victoria Hall - The fire alarm was activated in the Residence due to work being done by an external contractor.  Both KFD and Security staff attended the alarm and the system was restored by 3:49 pm.

September 20, 6:19 pm: Ban Righ Hall - The fire alarm system activated in the Residence, soon determined to be caused by cooking smoke. Both Security staff and KFD attended the incident and the alarm was reset by 6:32 pm.

September 20, 4:10 am: JDUC - The fire alarm system activated in the Graduate Residence section of the building and both Security & KFD attended.  A strong smell of burning candle or incense was detected in the activated area and - after determining there were no fire hazards in the room - the alarm system was reset by Security at 4:29 am.

September 14, 7:15 pm: An Clachan Complex - Both Campus Security & KFD responded to a small cooking fire that had been quickly extinguished by the apartment occupant.  Community Housing contacts were also informed and the alarm system was soon put back in service.

September 7, 1:55 am: Victoria Hall - The fire alarm system was set off by a maliciously activated pull station.  A witness was able to provide some information regarding the perpetrator's identity for Residence staff to follow up on. The alarm was reset by Security staff at 2:06 am.

September 6, 3:24 am: Victoria Hall - A malicious fire alarm was activated and attended by both Campus Security & the Kingston Fire Department.

September 6, 2:10 am: Victoria Hall - The fire alarm was set off by a maliciously activated pull station in the Residence.  Campus Security and KFD responded and the alarm was reset at 2:18 am.

September 6, 1:00 am: Gordon Brockington House - Fire was activated by a maliciously activated pull station. KFD and Security attended and the alarm was reset by 1:20 am.


September 22, 12:45 pm: JDUC - A student reported her purse was stolen while left briefly unattended in a lounge.

September 17, 1:25 pm: Stauffer Library - The ERC was informed two backpacks and a University owned laptop computer was stolen while left unattended for a short period of time.  The computer is a Toshiba Tecra M3 serial# 35063727H and has "Queen's University Library" marked on the bottom.

September 11, 7:54 pm: Jean Royce Hall - The Residence's fire alarm system was activated by cooking smoke. Both Security and KFD attended and the system was reset at 8:02 pm.

September 10, 7:30 pm: Jean Royce Hall - The Residence's fire alarm system was activated by cooking smoke. Campus Security & KFD responded and the alarm was reset by 7:40 pm.

September 7, 5:53 pm: Jean Royce Hall - Cooking smoke activated the fire alarm system in a Common Room. Campus Security and KFD attended and the alarm was restored by 6:14 pm.

September 7, 12:23 pm: Student Housing Area - A student reported her house located near main campus was broken into two nights earlier while left unoccupied for about 20 minutes. Four wallets and a camera were stolen.

September 5, 4:15 am: Student Housing Area - A student residing in a basement apartment near main campus reported discovering the open screen window of his room had been cut and a wallet and laptop computer stolen from inside. 

The stolen computer is a Toshiba M40X Satellite laptop, model # 75118355K; serial # PSM4XC-RS100E . The Break in happened prior to 2:00 am that night and a report had already been filed with Kingston City Police.

September 4, 10:15 pm: Student Housing Area - A student residing in the Student Housing Area reported their apartment was broken into sometime between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm. The thief cut through an open screen window and stole two laptop computers (a Dell  XPSM1330 model laptop and another silver & white Dell laptop) and a computer monitor. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.


September 20, 8:40 pm: JDUC - A student group contacted Campus Security to report a break and enter in their office - likely taking place between 6:30 and 8:30 pm that day. Security staff attended and were informed a small amount of cash was missing from the area.  Kingston City Police also attended and are investigating.

September 4, 3:45 pm: Campus - Staff reported two HD televisions were stolen from a main campus building. Both were Samsung TVs model # LNT19548 , and serial numbers AHVV3CRP300207K and AHVV3CRP400004K .

September 1, 9:10 am: MacDonald Hall - Staff reported an office was broken into and a computer, its peripherals and a suit jacket were stolen. Further investigation revealed another office had been broken into and two additional computers stolen. 

The three computers - 2 iMacs and a laptop computer - had serials numbers: SQP8060X2X87, SQP8060X8X87, SQP8060WYX87 .


September 17, 2:15 pm: Biosciences Complex - A student reported his bicycle was stolen sometime overnight while secured to the racks with a cable lock.  The lock had been cut or sawed through and left behind by the thief. It is a gold "Iron Horse Maverick" bicycle, serial# 088N7888 .

September 16, 6:12 pm: Watts Hall - A student reported his bicycle was stolen from the bike racks outside sometime during that day.  It is a.  grey Kona Mountain Bike.

September 16, 4:35 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A staff member reported a bike was stolen from the racks between MacCorry and Dunning Halls during office hours today.  Caller declined to offer any details about the bike or its description..

September 9, 11:30 pm: Watts Hall - A student reported his white 'Rocky Mountain' Vapor model bicycle was stolen from the bike racks between 7:30 and 9:30 pm that evening.  The caller was advised to also file a report with Kingston City police.


September 15, 7:10 pm: West Campus - While on mobile patrol, Security staff noted a vehicle had its passenger side window smashed out, with its glove box open and items strewn about inside.

September 13, 1:05 pm: John Orr Tower - Campus Security was informed a vehicle was broken into the previous night and some items stolen from inside.  Kingston City Police were also informed and attended the scene.

September 1, 2:35 am: Campus - While on mobile patrol, Security staff observed two suspicious males checking out vehicles and bicycle racks on Campus and in the Student Housing Area. They were spoken to and ID'd by Security, then Kingston City Police were contacted after the two continued to act suspiciously.  The individuals attempted to elude being detained but were eventually caught by City Police who recovered a laptop computer stolen from a vehicle parked near main campus.  The thieves were subsequently issued Notices of Prohibition, banning them from University property.


September 15, 7:05 pm: Jeffrey Hall  - The ERC received a report that a group of teens were doing bike tricks on the west side of Jeffrey Hall.  The caller was particularly concerned because it appeared one of the bicycles being used had a young child strapped into a bike seat..

Security staff attended the area immediately but did not locate the individuals there or in the surrounding area.

September 11, 11:40 pm: Student Housing Area - The ERC received a report that a male individual was spotted on the second floor fire escape of a house near main campus, peering into a window at about 11:30 pm.  The suspect fled the scene when he realized he'd been observed, and a search of the area by Security immediately after receiving this report was unsuccessful in locating the man.

Due to the time of night, it was too dark for the witness to get a good look at the suspect. However they were able to briefly describe him as being a Caucasian male in his mid 30s with long blond hair, and at the time of the incident he was wearing a baseball cap.

NOTE: A number of Student homes located near main campus have been broken into and had property stolen over the past couple of weeks.  There have also been incidents of voyeurs or "peepers" in the Student Housing Area in previous years.

If you observe any suspicious persons or activity on or near University property, please immediately call the Emergency Report Centre at 613-533-6111.


September 13, 2:00 am: Student Housing Area - The ERC received a call reporting an unconscious student aged male at the corner of Johnson & Albert Street. Security staff attended and spoke with witnesses in the area who reported two individuals had jumped out of a car and assaulted the male in question, briefly knocking him unconscious.  The student was attended to and both vehicle and suspect descriptions were provided to Kingston City Police who are investigating.

September 11, 12:30 am: JDUC - Campus Security was requested to attend Alfie's Pub after a student was punched by an unknown male on the dance floor. The unprovoked assault was made by a Caucasian male, about 5'4" tall with short brown hair and a slim build.  

The suspect immediately fled the scene with a female student and a witness observed them run into a nearby house.  Information identifying one or both of those individuals was provided, however the student who was assaulted declined to have City Police involved.


September 6, 10:15 pm: Campus - The ERC received a report of an unknown male inside a construction site on main campus.  Security staff attended and observed an individual climb out of the site and attempt to elude being detained but eventually met with Security and identified himself as a student.  

A Kingston City Police Officer in the area also spoke with the student and issued him a fine for Trespass to Property and Underage Drinking.  A Residence Don was also contacted and attended to escort the student back to his room.

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