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ARCHIVE: December 2008


December 29, 2:27 pm: Student Housing Area - The Emergency Report Centre was contacted by Bell Canada regarding a metal cover they noticed had fallen over the chimney of a home in the Student Housing Area near main campus - possibly trapping dangerous fumes inside.  Campus Security staff attended the home immediately and the tenant was informed.


December 26, 9:47 am: JDUC - While on mobile patrol of main campus, the Security Supervisor observed an individual in the act of stealing a bicycle from a bike rack outside the JDUC.  The suspect fled the scene on the bicycle, but was pursued and eventually apprehended by Campus Security and Kingston City Police.  The thief was also issued a Notice of Prohibition, banning him from University property.


December 23, 8:35 am: Morris Hall - Campus Security was informed an area inside the Residence building had been broken into and a common room vandalized.


December 21, 8:35 pm:, An Clachan Complex - KFD and Security responded to a fire alarm that activated due to cooking smoke in one of the apartments.

December 15, 6:33 pm: Jean Royce Hall - KFD and Security responded to a fire alarm that activated due to a trouble signal in the fire system there.  An electrician was called in to make repairs.


December 14, 3:44 am: Residences - The Emergency Report Centre was informed a group of spandex wearing individuals had just run through the main foyer of a Residence building; one of them dressed in a Spiderman outfit.

A short time later, the ERC received a report of the same spandex clad individuals climbing out the 3rd floor window of a different Residence using a rope and grappling hook.  When Campus Security arrived, they observed the group member dressed as Spiderman fleeing the scene. But after a lengthy search by both Security and Residence staff, he was discovered and detained inside the building. The individual was soon identified as a student and the rope & grappling hook used to climb the exterior of the building were retrieved.


December 14, 3:35 am: Residences - A student reported leaving their Residence room unlocked and unattended for a couple of hours and returned to discover a pink laptop computer was missing. The property was later reported found or returned..

December 14, 2:45 am: Stauffer Library - A student reported their laptop computer was stolen along with its black carrying bag.  The computer is a black 'special edition' HP laptop.

December 10, 5:53 pm: Campus - A student reported a wallet was stolen from her jacket sitting next to her while she wrote an exam.  She was advised to cancel credit cards and to also file a report with Kingston City Police.

December 9, 11:50 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported some contents were stolen out of her purse while she was studying for exams.  The purse was reportedly not left unattended although there were many people nearby during the estimated time of the theft.

December 8, 12:00 pm: Campus - A student reported her backpack was stolen while left unattended outside an exam. It contained a wallet, laptop computer and textbooks.

December 3, 5:39 pm: Campus - A student reported her wallet was stolen while they were in an exam. It is a pink wallet with flowers on it, and contained bank cards, ID, and a small amount of cash. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

December 2, 11:45 am: Biosciences Complex - A laptop computer was reported stolen to Campus Security. It is a Toshiba-Satellite M40, Serial # 750 175 99Q - Model # PSM40C-JM800E .


December 12, 5:22 pm: Leonard Hall - KFD and Security responded to a malicious fire alarm pull station activation in the Residence.


December 9, 6:05 pm: Campus - Security staff attended to an incident involving an individual who was struck by a vehicle while crossing the intersection of Union St and University Ave.  The driver remained at the scene, and the pedestrian reported no serious injuries and declined medical attention.


December 8, 7:18 pm: West Campus - KGH Security reported being informed by a hospital staff member that their vehicle was broken into while parked at West Campus during the daytime hours of December 5.

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