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ARCHIVE: May 2009


May 30, 1:47 pm: Campus - Regional Ambulance Dispatch contacted the ERC to request Campus Security keep an eye out for a hallucinating man who jumped out of their ambulance near main campus.  Security staff were informed and approximately 5 minutes later Regional Ambulance reported having located the individual.


May 28, 1:44 am: Mackintosh Corry Hall - The ERC was informed a grey Norco Bigfoot bicycle (without its seat) was stolen from where it had been cable locked to the bike racks.


May 27, 1:44 am: Construction Site - Contract security reported an individual just broke into a construction site on campus and was currently out of the site but loitering nearby.  Security staff attended and were involved in a brief foot chase when the suspect fled the scene. Kingston City Police had already been contacted and joined in the pursuit until the individual was detained and arrested near the JDUC.  A student was taken into custody by police for trespassing and public intoxication.


May 23, 8:04 pm: Residences - A custodian reported spotted a suspicious individual just prior to discovering an attempted break-in had occurred inside a Residences building.  A suspect description was provided, and the next day a Student Patrol observed a man fitting that description.  When approached, the individual fled the scene but was pursued and monitored by Security until he was soon apprehended by KPD Officers who joined the search.

KPD charged this individual for possession of stolen property, including a surround sound system that was clearly marked as property of Queen's University.


May 21, 1:34 am: Clark Hall - A break-in attempt at the Clark Hall Pub was prevented by an intrusion system activation. Security arrived to discover a rock had been thrown through an interior door window and pub staff soon confirmed some keys were missing. The KPD IDENT unit also attended to collect evidence from the scene and all doors related to the missing keys had their locks changed.

May 18 / 19: JDUC - A student office area was broken into twice over a two day period. In both instances the intrusion system activated and Security staff attended. Office contacts were informed and their initial check indicated no property had been taken. Kingston City Police were called in and collected evidence from the scene.

May 2, 1:05 pm: Campus - Staff contacted the Security Department to report an attempt was made to break into a locked room overnight. There were visible pry marks on the door but access was not gained.


May 19, 1:49 pm: Stirling Hall - KFD and Security responded to a malicious fire alarm pull station activation on the 4th floor of the Building.

May 4, 8:56 am: Botterell Hall - KFD and Security responded to a malicious fire alarm pull station activation on the 8th floor of the Building.


May 7, 11:35 pm: John Orr Tower - A tenant contacted the ERC to report hearing someone who may be attempting to cut locks off bikes secured outside the building.  Security staff responded immediately but the area was clear upon arrival..  There were no evidence found to indicate a bicycle had been stolen (ie. cut locks on the ground) and no subsequent theft reports received.


May 4, Morning: Campus - The Emergency Report Centre was informed of a number of break-ins and thefts at two buildings on Campus.

Filing cabinets were broken into in some offices and several laptop & computer CPU towers were stolen - likely carried from the scene inside a beige mailbag and/or a box which were also missing from the areas.

Stolen computers included:

- 3 Dell High End 755 : Serial #s B0P7HF1 , 8PYWZF1 and JNYWZF1
- 2 Dell Optiplex 755 Small Form F : Serial #s 80P7HF1 and GZN7HF1
- 2 Tecra M9 Core2 Duo T7300 laptop computer : Serial #s Z7023149H and 67070733H
- 2 Dell Optiplex 745 : Serial #s 3CL4BD1 and BCL4BD1

NOTE: Although cable locks had been cut off some of the stolen computers, a data projector and other computers marked or engraved as 'Property of Queen's University' (or similar inscription) were left behind by the thief.

An engraver is available to borrow from the Campus Security main office to engrave your computers and other property.  Please contact us at 613-533-6733 (or ext 36733) to arrange for pick up.

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