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ARCHIVE: August 2009


August 30, 9:30 pm: Tindall Field - The ERC received a report that four male individuals were running across Tindall Field dressed only in their underwear. Security staff attended and observed the group was playing soccer on the field shirtless and wearing shorts.

August 1, 6:00 pm: Kingston Hall - While on patrol of main campus, Security staff observed a male individual approaching the rear of Kingston Hall carrying bolt cutters.  He was approached and provided student identification when requested; explaining he was there to retrieve a friend's bicycle secured to the bike racks with a lock she'd lost the key for.  His ID and details were confirmed and he took possession of the bicycle a short time later.


Car hit Botterell HallAugust 25, 3:50 am: Botterell Hall - The ERC was informed a vehicle had driven into the building and smashed an exterior window pane of the library. The driver's seat was empty but a male individual could be seen sleeping in the back seat of the still running vehicle.  Both Campus Security and Kingston City Police attended the scene where the back seat passenger was arrested along with the suspected driver when he was located a short time later.


August 25, 1:30 am: Macintosh Corry Hall - A caller reported he had secured his black Mountaineer bicycle to the bike racks outside MacCorry with two U-locks, and returned to discover both his bicycle and the bike rack were gone.


August 21, 4:30 pm: Bader Lane - Campus Security was informed a vehicle had its rear passenger window smashed while parked outside Ban Righ Hall. No property from the interior was initially noticed missing.


August 20, 2:46 am: Construction Site - Contract security contacted the ERC to report two individuals were spotted inside a University construction site and Kingston City Police were called. The suspects were followed to a nearby address where Police issued them a fine for trespassing.


August 17, 9:10 am: Campus - Staff reported a number of cameras, a/v equipment, and computers were stolen over the weekend:

Laptop Computers:

(Four) Toshiba Satellite U300 computers - serial numbers: 77049651W , 77049672W , 77049725W , 77049916W
15" Toshiba Satellite dual-core laptop computer.
15" Dell Latitude D820 computer
(Two) IBM ThinkPad T23
IBM ThinkPad A30

Audio/Visual Equipment:

(Three) Video Projectors

Digital / Video Cameras:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18  Digital camera - serial number: A8SP06668
Canon ZR60 Camcorder - serial number:   8429A001(AA)1766
Canon ZR500 Camcorder - serial number: 502212023257
HP Photosmart R707 Camera - serial number: CN445A1437
Sony HandyCam HDR-FX7 - serial number: s01-1670406-A

August 15, 2:45 pm: Campus - Staff report two laptop computers and a black nylon "Puni' brand case were stolen:

- Eurocom 17" laptop

- black LG 10" Netbook X110


August 12, 7:40 pm - 10:30 pm: Campus / Off-Campus - Campus Security, Kingston City Police, and KGH Security were involved with two reportedly homeless individuals discovered inside an occupied house near main campus and also engaged in suspicious behaviour in and around Queen's property. The two were subsequently issued Notices of Prohibition, banning them from University property.

(1) Caucasian male, approximately 18 years old, bald with a stocky build.
(2) Caucasian female with a pale complexion, approximately 18 years old with a round face and long black hair. At the time of this incident she was wearing a black top and pink tights.

If you see either of these two individuals on Queen's Property, contact the Emergency Report Centre immediately at 613-533-6111.


August 6, 7:55 pm: Ellis Hall - A caller reported his red Jeep Cherokee bicycle was stolen from where it had been locked to the bike racks for approximately 30 minutes. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

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