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ARCHIVE: September 2009


September 29, 10:39 pm: Campus - After continued reports of a suspicious vehicle on campus - the same one dealt with by Campus Security on September 14 - Kingston City Police were contacted when the car was once again spotted driving around main campus.  The vehicle was pulled over within 10 minutes by KPD and the driver both cautioned by Officers and issued a Notice of Prohibition by Security, banning him from University property.

The driver was briefly described as being a Caucasian male in his early 20s, with tattoos on his left arm from the wrist to above his elbow.

The vehicle is Ford Crown Victoria (the same model as many police cars) painted all black, with a large antenna and no hub caps.

Note: a similar report of this vehicle was made previously (see September 14, 6:30 pm report below)

September 20, 4:05 am: Residences - A student contacted the ERC to report an unknown man was knocking at a Residence window and asking to be let in. Security Supervisors attended and spotted an individual in the area who fled the scene when confronted.  Kingston City Police were contacted and Security staff were able to detain the individual until KPD Officers arrived. They attained ID from the man, who claimed he was looking for someone that lived in the same building last year, and KPD transported him to his own residence.

September 14, 6:30 pm: Campus - Campus Security were made aware of a suspicious vehicle driving slowly through main campus - a black Ford Crown Victoria with a large antenna and no hub caps - and contacted Kingston City Police to attend and identify the vehicle & its owner.

If you see this vehicle on or around Queen's University campus, please contact the Emergency Report Centre at 613-533-6111.


September 24, 12:50 am: Alfie's Pub - Student Constables contacted the ERC to request Campus Security assist with an unruly patron. The individual continued to be argumentative with Security staff when they arrived, so Kingston City Police were contacted to attend. The Officers subsequently took the student into custody after he refused to comply with them as well. Pub staff also indicated the student may be issued a Tri Pub ban.

September 17, 00:02 am: Alfie's Pub - Campus Security were called to assist Student Constables at Alfie's with an intoxicated and aggressive individual who was refused admittance. The individual continued to be belligerent and threaten assault, so Kingston City Police were called to attain identification. Officers arrived a short time later, ID'd the man as a student, and eventually took him into custody for the night due to his continued aggressive behaviour. 

Incident details were subsequently passed to AMS Judicial for review and will also reportedly result in a Tri-Pub ban for the student.


September 22, 9:11 pm: Student Housing Area - While on mobile patrol of the Student Housing Area near main campus, the Security Supervisor observed a bicyclist being struck by a vehicle.  The ERC immediately contacted Regional Ambulance to attend and Security remained with the individuals involved until paramedics arrived.


September 22, 4:55 pm: Morris Hall - Campus Security was informed a black & grey GT Outpost mountain bike was stolen from the bike rack outside.

September 15, 7:35 pm: Stirling Hall - A caller reported his bicycle was stolen from where he had locked it up to the bike racks two days earlier.  It is a navy blue 4X Ironhorse mountain bike.

September 3, 2:40 pm: John Orr Tower - A tenant reported her bicycle was stolen a week ago while secured to the bike racks outside. It was a purple 21 speed Norco Katmandu mountain bike. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.


September 18, Campus - Staff report a University owned laptop computer was stolen sometime during the summer months. Its serial number is: BJ869K1

September 10, 6:11 am: Kingston Hall / Benidickson Field - Athletics staff report a long green hose and connected sprinkler were stolen from the field. overnight.

September 7, 10:45 am: Campus - Staff report a University owned Tecra R10 laptop computer had been stolen two days previous.
Model# PTRB3C-ES109C | Serial# 98106147H .


September 17, 6:55 pm: West Campus - The ERC was informed a vehicle break-in occurred in a west campus lot.  The passenger window was smashed and a wallet stolen from the front center console.

September 10, 4:50 pm: West Campus - The ERC was informed a vehicle was broken into while parked at the West Campus lot. The only items immediately noticed missing were a gym bag containing clothes and two baseball gloves. A report was filed with KPD.


September 16, 4:20 pm - The ERC was informed of an accident at Clergy & Division Streets near Dupuis Hall that involved a bicycle and motorcycle.  Minor injuries and damage were sustained and the motorcycle rider was transported to hospital by Regional Ambulance.


September 13, 4:00 pm: Tindall Field - While on patrol of main campus, the Security Supervisor spotted a sock on the ground with money sticking out of it. Upon closer inspection, a student card was also found inside and the sock owner was subsequently contacted to retrieve it.

September 5, 8:45 pm: Dupuis Hall - While doing an interior check of the building, a Security Patrol reported discovering a 10" snake in the 1st floor hallway.  The Security Supervisors attended and moved the snake back outside.


September 7, 2:30 am: Union Street Underground Garage - While on mobile patrol of Campus, Security Staff observed that a gate at the Union Street garage had been snapped off and removed from the scene. Parking department administration were notified.

September 7, 12:15 am: Gordon Brockington House - A Residence don called the ERC to report a group of upper year students had vandalized a common room (broke ceiling tiles and threw the furniture around) about 10 minutes earlier.  The group had left the building by the time of this report, and were described as:

- All Caucasian males, 
- one about 5'6" tall while the rest were approximately 6' tall
- all with stocky builds except one tall and thin.
- One had longish curly reddish-brown hair and was wearing a John Deere ball cap
- One with longish brown hair and a ball cap on backwards

If you have information about this incident or can identify any of the individuals involved, call Campus Security at 613-533-6733.

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