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ARCHIVE: January 2010


January 30, 1:00 am: Student Housing Area - A student reported an unknown individual is suspected of having entered their house the previous Sunday (Jan 24) at about 11pm.  One of the housemates apparently saw the man briefly as he exited the house, and no property was subsequently noticed missing.

January 18, 10:00 am: Botterell Hall - Staff reported a suspicious man was observed in lobby vicinity of the building. He had tried to engage in conversation with people in the area and seen going in and out of offices before leaving campus.

He was described as:
- a Caucasian male in his mid 20s/early 30s,
- 5'7" tall with medium build,
- dark color short hair (covered by ballcap),
- wearing black & white "Michigan" jacket, black 'pull-away' pants (with buttons up the side), black ball cap and had a red knapsack.

January 16, 4:49 pm: Theological Hall - The Security Supervisor, while performing a routine check of the building, discovered a man sitting alone inside a darkened room. The individual was known to Security from suspicious activity in the past, so Kingston City Police were contacted to attend. They charged the man with Trespass to Property and Campus Security issued a Notice of Prohibition banning him from University property.

January 13, 4:40 pm: An Clachan Complex - A tenant reported it appeared someone may have attempted to steal his vehicle during the previous evening. No signs of forced entry but damage around the ignition.


January 29, 2:00 pm: Biosciences Complex - A student reported his laptop computer was stolen about 9 days earlier.. 
It is a white MacBook (serial #W8746YWJZ62) in an olive green laptop bag.

January 23, 4:30 pm: Watts Hall - A student reported his dark blue Targus backpack was stolen while left unattended outside the Residence along with a 17.8" HP DV9000 laptop computer and some school books.

January 19, 11:30 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A student reported some of his property was stolen while left unattended in the cafeteria for a few hours.

Stolen items included a brown "Dakine" backpack as well as Sony headphones and an IBM Thinkpad P61 Laptop computer (serial# L3B3438).


January 28, 1:20 am: Alfie's Pub - After involvement with Campus Security, a non-student male was arrested by City Police for public intoxication after refusing to leave the premises, being uncooperative with Police, and harassing a female patron.

1:55 am: Campus Security was called to assist with two intoxicated males refusing to leave Alfie's Pub after being in an altercation on the dance floor. Both initially refused to provide ID, contrary to the Student Code of Conduct, however one did show his student identification a short time later. The other male refused to comply, and then became combative with the KPD Officer on scene, so was arrested for public intoxication with a possible eventual charge of resisting arrest.

January 14, 12:47 am: Alfie's Pub - Campus Security was informed an individual had been arrested by KPD and charged with Public Intoxication after being allegedly observed trying to pick a fight in the entrance line up of the pub.


January 26, 6:40 pm: West Campus Lot - The ERC was informed a car was accessed and some change stolen from inside while parked in the lot.


January 22, 3:49 pm: Ellis Hall - Staff reported someone smashed the glass in the building's entrance door and then ran off.  Physical Plant Services was contacted to attend for glass clean up and repair.


January 18, 4:15 pm: Dupuis Hall - Staff reported a laptop computer was stolen from the computer store that afternoon. Kingston City Police were provided with evidence and are investigating.

The computer is an Apple Macbook Pro, serial #: SW80027BR66E .

The suspect was briefly described:

  • a Caucasian male in his 30s,

  • approximately 6' tall,

  • wearing: glasses, dark pants and jacket, a Queen's backpack, and a dark toque with red stripes.

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