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ARCHIVE: February 2010


February 19, 1:39 am: JDUC - A staff member reported observing student age individuals removing a chair from the building's common ground, but dropped it when they realized they were being watched.  The chair was returned to the building, but a short time later another report of attempted furniture theft in the JDUC was reported.  Security staff attended immediately, however the area was clear when they arrived.

February 18, 01:45 am: JDUC - Security dealt with two separate incidents of furniture theft in the JDUC. In the first incident, two student age females were observed attempting to carry a couch out of the building, but fled the scene when they realized they had been seen.  Approximately 20 minutes later a custodian reported seeing two student age males walking up the street with the same couch, however they could not be located when Security arrived.  Kingston City Police were contacted and are investigating.


February 16, 12:20 pm: Campus -  A staff member reported her purse was stolen from an office while it was unlocked and unattended for a short time. It is a small, black, backpack type purse with thin black straps that hook over the shoulder.


February 12, Campus 11:30 pm - A staff member reported his vehicle was entered and a laptop computer bag stolen from inside. It contained a green bag of tools and some paperwork.


February 2, 11:57 pm: Residences - The ERC received a report of a nude man standing in the window of a Residences room. Security staff attended immediately to discover it was a actually a cardboard cut out of a silhouette taped to the window.

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