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ARCHIVE: July 2010


July 28, 1:52 pm, Campus - A member of the Queen's community contacted Campus Security to report her bicycle, which had been stolen a couple months ago from Queen's property, had just been returned to her by Kingston City Police. She also stated KPD informed her the recovery was a result of a recent arrest that netted dozens of stolen bicycles from around Kingston. Her bike was identified by Police based on her original theft report where a serial number was provided.


July 25, 4:30 am: Student Housing Area - While on patrol near main campus, Security staff observed two males who removed a Stop sign and were attempting to take it from the area.  They were instructed to return the sign to its original location and the City Roads Department was contacted to attend and ensure it was firmly installed.

July 13, 3:20 am: JDUC - While on mobile patrol of campus, Security staff observed two teenage males sitting on a wall near the building's bicycle racks. After circling around to the area, they then spotted one of the males walking away from the racks as they came into view.

When questioned, they claimed to be waiting for a ride but soon left the area on foot when Security continued to keep them under observation.

A close check of the bike racks revealed a pair of wire/bolt cutters on the ground and a partially cut lock on one of the bicycles.

The two males were subsequently identified and served Notices of Prohibition by Campus Security, banning them from University property, and incident details were provided to Kingston City Police.


July 22, 8:32 am: Campus - A main campus building was broken into and a number of computers stolen from inside.

The stolen items included:

- a black 24" Dell monitor (Model# 2407WFP)

- a Sharp 19" Liquid Crystal TV (Model#LC-19SB250 / Serial# 805967073)

- iMac computer (Model ID: imac6,1 / Serial# QP7060G7VGP)


July 16, 10:44 am: Botterell Hall - A staff member reported the seat was stolen from his black Gary Fisher brand bicycle while it was locked to the racks outside.

July 6, 4:10 pm Mackintosh Corry Hall - A staff member reported an attempt had been made to steal her bicycle sometime during the day. Although the perpetrator was unable to cut through the lock completely, they did manage to damage the lock to the point the bicycle could not be immediately detached from the racks.

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