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ARCHIVE: September 2010


September 29, 10:48 pm: Chernoff Hall - A caller reported his bicycle tire was stolen from his bicycle while its frame was locked up.

September 29, 3:00 pm: Kingston Hall - Student reports his bike was stolen while secured to the racks outside. He also stated seeing other cuts locks in the same area, although no additional theft reports were filed with Campus Security. This caller's bicycle was described as: Silver colored "ALLEZ" model road bike with a men's 50" or 52" frame.

September 21, 10:05 pm: Residences - Bike reported stolen. It is a light turquoise color "LeMond" bicycle.

September 16, 1:00 pm: Leonard Hall - Student reports bicycle stolen. It is a green 2005 "Haro" heavy duty mountain bike with Kenda tires. (picture)

September 16, 12:10 pm: Student Housing Area - a student residing in a home near main campus reports his double locked bicycle was stolen from his porch.

September 15, 9:00 am: Biosciences Complex - A student reported the wheels were stolen off her bicycle while the frame was secured to the building's bike rack.

September 10, 5:00 pm: Student Housing Area - Bicycle reported stolen from where it had been locked to the porch. It is a off-white/green " K2 ZED 3.2" bike. Serial number 6090526190 .

September 8, 9:35 am: Residences - Student reports bicycle stolen. Black 'Specialized Carmel 700'. Serial # 719676599090


September 27, 4:33 pm: Campus - A staff member reported a purse was stolen from an office sometime that afternoon. It contained a pink LG cell phone (Serial# A00000192E57C0) as well as keys and other personal effects. The purse is black, leather, with a chain shoulder strap and pink interior.

September 9, 9:00 am: Student Housing Area - Student reports his black "High End IT" laptop bag was stolen off of his porch.


September 21, 10:15 pm: Student Housing Area - Student reports house entered by unknown individual. Heard suspect walking downstairs and then exited after likely realizing house was occupied. KPD also informed.

September 18, 1:20 am: Student Housing Area - Student reports home broken into and an ASUS laptop computer and its power cord were stolen, along with a novelty sword and sheath. KPD also informed.

September 11, 2:30 am: Student Housing Area - Caller reports home broken into and cash & laptop computer stolen. KPD also informed.

September 10, 11:50 pm: Student Housing Area - Student reports house entered and laptop computers stolen while they were away.  KPD also informed.


September 11, 8:10 pm: Botterell Hall - Student reports individual were spotted attempting to steal a bicycle secured outside the building. Both Campus Security and Kingston City Police searched the area and soon located three youths matching the description. They were issued Notices of Prohibition banning them from University property.

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