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ARCHIVE: January 2011


January 21, 00:05 am: Theological Hall - Two student contacted Campus Security to report some of their property was stolen while left unattended between 8pm and 11pm that evening.

Items stolen included a black HP model DV2928SE A64 laptop computer (serial #: 090/10107717-Z2BR), a silver Mac Book Pro laptop computer (serial#: w892851v642), 32G Ipod touch, chestnut brown size 8 Ugg boots, and a wallet. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.


January 3, 1:30 pm: Stauffer Library - Campus Security was informed that a Sharp Aquos LCD 52" television (serial# M16191A010854462) had been stolen from the building.

January 2, 11:10 am: Campus - Staff reported one office - and eventually two more - were entered over the holiday period and items stolen. Some cash and two Toshiba laptop computers (serial#s 29174495Q and 1A040714R) were taken.


January 3, 11:15 am: Student Housing Area - Queen's Community Housing staff contacted the ERC to report that while doing regular checks of their properties, it was discovered that the back door to one house had been forced in. Although a bag of clothing was found by the interior front entrance, no other property - including television, gaming system, and stereo - appeared to be disturbed or missing. Community Housing contacted the tenants to report the incident and arranged to have the damaged door repaired/replaced.

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