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ARCHIVE: September 2011


September 27, 11:45 pm: Residences - A student reported their iPhone had been stolen sometime during the evening. It is a white 4G iPhone serial# 85130EZDDZZ .

September 24, 6:18 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported their backpack and wallet were stolen while left briefly unattended. A laptop computer had been left untouched, so the student was unaware of the theft for approximately one hour.  When she called to cancel her stolen credit cards, she was informed that three purchases had already been made with them. Kingston City Police were notified and are investigating.

The stolen items included a two-tone grey 'High Sierra' brand backpack, and a long rectangular maroon color wallet with a buckle on the front.

September 19, 1:15 pm: Campus - A student reported their computer was stolen from an office sometime within the past three weeks. It is a Toshiba laptop computer, serial# 68245776W .


September 21, 12:41 am: An Clachan Complex  - A tenant reported their apartment had been broken into about 10 minutes earlier and personal property stolen.  Kingston City Police were also notified and attended.


September 19, 2:09 am: University District - While on mobile patrol of the student housing area near main campus, security staff were flagged down by a group of individuals who requested assistance with an unknown male found in their house. According to the tenants, the man - later identified as student from another Ontario university - was found asleep in one of their beds and appeared to have vomited and defecated around the room. When the individual was awakened, he became aggressive and assaulted one of the tenants. They managed to subdue the intruder outside the house and requested security contacted Kingston Police.  KPD were notified and officers soon arrived to take custody of the individual.


September 17, 11:58 pm: Jean Royce Hall - The ERC received a report that a vehicle had flipped over outside the Residence. City emergency services were contacted and security staff, first on scene, reporting the student driver appeared unharmed and was still inside the vehicle. Kingston Fire & Rescue and other emergency services soon arrived and the student was transported to KGH.


September 17, 2:03 am: University District - While on mobile patrol of the student housing area, security staff observed a male individual kick off the mirror of a parked vehicle. As he was being questioned by security, the individual immediately became confrontational and then ran off towards main campus. Kingston Police were notified and, after a brief pursuit, the individual was detained by security until officers arrived. A second nearby vehicle was discovered to be similarly damaged and the man was placed under arrest by police.

September 16, 10:30 pm: Bader Lane - Security staff observed a male individual jumping on cars in front of Chernoff Hall and then run off towards Tindall Field.  Kingston City Police were notified and at 11:45 pm security staff located and detained the individual in Victoria Hall.Police attended and spoke with the individual who was informed he would be responsible for damage he caused to the vehicles.


September 11, 7:05 pm: Water Front - Campus Security received a report that a student had injured her shoulder while swimming at the pier.  The ERC coordinated the caller and ambulance dispatch to have them meet at an accessible location and the student was transported to Kingston General Hospital.


September 9, 3:07 pm: Campus - The Emergency Report Centre received two separate reports of a vehicle driving around campus with its occupants throwing water balloons at people. Both Security and Kingston Police were notified due to some individuals being struck by the balloons.  With the assistance of the original callers, who provided detailed information and updated the vehicle's location, Security staff was able to find the vehicle and speak with the people involved.


September 9, 2:35 pm: City Park - Security received a report that some individuals were harassing frosh engaged in activities there. When security arrived, they were informed that the two student aged males in question - both dressed as penguins - had already departed.


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