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ARCHIVE: November, 2011


November 27, 00:23 am: Goodes Hall - Caller reported the seat of her bicycle (w. a flashing light attachment) was stolen sometime within the previous 6 hours. The remainder of the bike was left behind, secured to the bicycle racks.

November 10, 10:11 pm: Stirling Hall - A student reported their bicycle was stolen from where it had been secured to the bike racks outside. It is a black & gold Specialized mountain bike.

November 9, Stauffer Library - A student reported his bicycle was stolen while its front tire was locked to the bike racks outside. The tire was left behind.  The rest of the bike is described as a grey/red/black 'Hard Rock' mountain bike with a purple bolt seat post.


November 26, 11:59 am: Stauffer Library - A student reported that their Toshiba Netbook computer had been stolen from the library, while left briefly unattended, three days earlier.

November 19, 00:57 am: Lazy Scholar - A student reported her black & silver 'Roots' backpack, with a genie design on it, was stolen from her table. It contained a 17" Acer laptop computer, iPod Touch, and a blue wallet.

November 20, 2:20 pm: Residences - A student reported his black iPhone 4 was stolen from his room while left unlocked and unattended for about 45 minutes.

November 16, 2:15 pm: Campus - A caller reported his HP laptop computer, as well as its mouse and headphones, were stolen from an office.

November 8, 10:36 pm: Residences - A student reported his MacBook Pro laptop computer was stolen from his room while left unlocked and unattended for a few hours.

November 7, 11:00 am: University District - A student reported that three jackets were stolen from his unlocked house near main campus, possibly around 4am that morning. The jackets were described as: (1) a long, dark blue winter coat, (2) a "Football" style jacket with leather sleeves, and (3) a red, plaid spring jacket.


November 26, 00:27 am: Campus - A caller reported that while they were approaching their parked car, an unknown male was observed breaking into the vehicle. It appeared he grabbed something from inside and then ran off.  Security attended and searched the area for the suspect, soon meeting up with a Kingston City Police officer who had been directed to the suspect by someone who had followed him. The man was taken into custody and the vehicle filed a report with police.


November 23, 11:50 pm: Union Street - While on patrol between main and west campus, Security staff observed a student aged male and female walking in the freezing rain. Both appeared to be intoxicated, and - although the female was dressed correctly for the weather - the male was only wearing a white t-shirt & black boxer shorts with a diaper over them. A taxi was contacted to ensure they arrived home safely.


November 21, 11:00 am: Stauffer Library - Staff reported that a Dell Optiplex 990 desktop (serial# 4YCNDQ1) and a Dell 1908FP monitor (serial# CN 0FP182 71618 754 GAL2), along with its mouse and keyboard, had been stolen from the library's lower level. The computer's security cable had been cut and it is believed the theft took place at around 12:35 pm Saturday afternoon.

November 20 236 pm: JDUC - The ERC received a report that a small tree has been stolen from its planter/pot on the second floor, across from the Common Ground Express.


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