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ARCHIVE: December, 2011


December 11, 9:08 pm: Queen's Centre - A student reported his bicycle was stolen from outside the building. It is a black "Diamond back" mountain bike with a gel seat.

December 11, 7:53 pm: Stauffer Library - The ERC was informed that a bicycle was stolen from the bike racks outside the library on the previous day.  It is a green "Daily Cruiser" with a beige seat.

December 11, 1:24 pm: West Campus Residence - A student reported their bicycle was stolen sometime within the previous 3 hours. It had been secured to the bike racks with a cable lock that the thief cut.  The bicycle is a lime green Nakamura bike, serial# Y10K88986 .

December 4, University District - A student reported his bicycle was stolen in September from his house near main campus. He believes he may have seen it locked up on campus today, but when he returned with the paperwork - to confirm serial number - it was gone.  The bicycle is a blue Reebok Oregon, serial# A13459X25.

December 2, 2:34 pm: Ban Righ Hall - A caller reported that her bicycle was stolen from the Residence's bike racks sometime within the previous two days. It was described as being a blue "Giant" brand mountain bike with "Extra Gear" marked on it.

Bicycle Security Tips and online 'Bike Information' forms, to print off and complete (in the event your bicycle is stolen), can be found on our "Lock Up Your Bike" page.


December 10, 8:40 pm: Campus - A student reported her backpack was stolen from the hallway it had been left in while she wrote an exam.


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