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ARCHIVE: August 2012


August 27, 1:09 pm: Stauffer Library - Campus Security responded to a complaint that an individual was viewing inappropriate material on a library computer. Security attended to ID the individual - who is not a member of the Queen's community - and then requested he leave campus.


August 27, 10:06 am: McArthur Hall - A student reported discovering that someone had switched the seat on their bicycle while it was secured to the bike racks. The original was a white custom built seat with a hole in the middle, and it was replaced with an all black seat.


August 24, 2:59 am: Tindal Field - The ERC received a number of eblue light emergency phone activations with no response when answered. On the final call, a Security Supervisor was in the area and observed six individuals beside the activated phone. He approached the group who were uncooperative and left the vicinity. Kingston Police were called and an officer attended to ID and spoke with one of the suspects, cautioning him on the seriousness of malicious emergency phone activations.


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