Queen's University, Kingston -- Early this morning, a number of students in Residences reported unusual problems with their computers. As more calls were received, the ERC contacted Computer staff who attended Campus to check out the problem.

Computer staff soon confirmed there were bugs in the main University server, and were unsure how to solve the problem.

When asked what type of virus had affected the system, Computer staff stated: "It's not a virus. It's bugs. Real bugs."

Technicians reported the bugs seem aware of the mouse movements on screen and will avoid any cursors that come near them.

Staff, faculty and students are being cautioned to not share files or floppy disks that have been used on other computers until this infection is solved. 

Local extermination companies were contacted for assistance and staff from Orkin Pest Control were dispatched just after 8:00 am this morning.

For more information and preventive measures please click here.