If you discover a fire:

If you see or hear a fire, or smell smoke:

If you are trapped

Dial 36111 (external 613-533-6111) to notify security.

Place towels/clothes (wet if possible) at the bottom of the door.

Open windows, if possible.

Stay close to the floor if there is a lot of smoke

Be Prepared

Know the location of the fire exit, fire alarm, and fire extinguisher closest to your office or classroom.

Familiarize yourself with the procedures below. so that you are generally prepared in case of a fire.

Using an Extinguisher:

Think "PASS":

Pull the safety pin at the top of the extinguisher.

Aim the nozzle/hose at the base of the flames

Squeeze or press the handle.

Sweep from side to side at the base of the fire until it is out.

Know your Extinguisher:

Type A (green triangle) - use for paper and wood

Type B (red square) - use for flammable liquids such as gas, oil, paint

Type C (blue circle) - use for electrical fires involving wires or appliances.

If your clothes catch fire:

Stop whatever you are doing.

Drop to the ground.

Roll to smother the flames. If someone else's clothes catch fire have them stop, drop and roll. Try to smother the flames with a piece of clothing.

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