Gas Leaks

Primary Responsibility

If you discover a gas leak, dial 36111 (external 613-533-6111) Campus Security will then take over responsibility and notify internal and external emergency services.

Gas or Water Services Failure

Primary Response

Dial 36111 for Campus Security.

Response Guidelines

Gas or water services failures create different problems than a power failure. When natural gas supplies fail, many devices that were lit and operating before the failure may still have a gas flow. This could cause an explosive atmosphere. Physical Plant Operations will be contacted by Safety and Security Operations to ensure all necessary valves are shut off.

It is the responsibility of the department head or supervisor of areas requiring the use of gas-fired appliances to develop procedures and assign authority to specific staff members to supervise the operation of all gas-fired appliances.

Water supply failure can cause minor inconveniences such as inoperable sinks and washrooms to the shut-down or burn-out of water-cooled equipment service interruption to main telephone/security alarm control rooms, to the loss of water needed for fire protection systems.

Drinking water on campus can be contaminated by improper internal/external connection or by deliberate tampering, for example.

Failure Electrical

Primary Response

Dial 36111 (external 613-533-6111) for Campus Security.

Response Guidelines

Certain essential University services, such as emergency lighting, some telephones, and the fire alarm systems will continue to function during a power failure, but lighting will be minimal and is designed only for providing illuminated exits.

An extended power failure, from whatever cause, would result in serious problems that could adversely affect the everyday activities of the University. Given the scope of potential problems caused by a power outage, it is the responsibility of each department head to formulate guidelines and/or instructions necessary for the safety of employees and preservation of University property.

Elevators - What to Do if You are Stuck

Pick up lift phone on the control panel to alert Campus Security. Do not attempt to pry open the elevator doors.

In elevators with two-way communications

Most campus elevators are equipped with two-way devices so that you can speak to Campus Security officers. They will initiate rescue procedures and will remain in contact with you.

In elevators without two-way communications

If you are trapped in one of these elevators, push the emergency button repeatedly. People in the vicinity will hear the alarm and will contact Campus Security by dialing 36111 (external 613-533-6111).

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