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Helping you give your residents choices about alcohol

Resource Manual by Charlene Hendricks, Queen's University

Alcohol Awareness

In 1993, the Addiction Research Foundation surveyed approximately 1100 Queen's University undergraduate students about their lifestyle and alcohol use. The results of this survey were printed in a resource manual called "Student Alcohol Use and Lifestyle Behaviours at Queen's University: Opportunities for Action." AII of the statistical information in this section has been taken directly from this report. I would like to acknowledge the authors: Lynn McIntosh, Chris Sullivan, Shelley Lothian and Diane Nolting. AIthough the report focuses on Queen's students, I believe that the information is typical of most universities, and will be useful for everyone.

Frequency and Quantity of Drinking

Heavy/Problem Drinking


The Impact of Alcohol on Students

Physical Consequences

Social Consequences

Academic Consequences

Legal Consequences

Drinking and Driving

Social Problems



A Call for Action

What you can do

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