Skateboarders on Campus

Skateboarders on CampusCampus Security requested that the "No Skateboarding" signs be erected around campus in response to complaints from members of the Queen's community. When skateboarders gather in one area to perform stunts, they create a significant amount of noise. Fully  80% of all incidents in which Campus Security must ask skateboarders to leave are the result of phone calls from staff, students or faculty complaining that they cannot study, work or write exams because of the noise of the skateboarders*. As well, the skateboarders like to skate along and jump off concrete walls and planters, causing property damage that is unsightly and expensive to repair. If you've ever sat on a concrete bench that has been waxed and used by skateboarders, you will also know the impact of this activity on clothing; especially light coloured clothing! Finally, we have answered two calls this year in which skateboarders themselves have been injured and a couple others where they have run into pedestrians.

Our aim is to keep the campus safe and welcoming for all. To this end we encourage skaters to use the upcoming skateboarding facility at Belle Park. They can have fun skating there without disturbing people, damaging property, or becoming safety hazards to themselves or others. 


April 5, 2000: The Belle Park skateboarding facility was not completed. Skateboard Parks were set up at the Kingston Memorial Centre and at LaSalle Secondary School** in the summer of 1999, and a new indoor park is apparently planned for the township this year.

July 12, 2000: Local media reports that the Belle Park skateboarding facility has now opened.

* Statistics indicated are as of August 25, 1999

** The LaSalle Secondary School skateboarding facility was originally installed by the Township of Pittsburg and is now the responsibility of the Municipality of the City of Kingston.

Page last update: 20 August 2000