300-003 Access Request - Denied by Security 

During the Off-Hours, Security will access people to locked rooms under the following circumstances only:

-the person has a key to that room and it is locked inside; and 
-the key inside the room will operate in the cylinder; and 
-the person has verifiable photo I.D., staff card, or positive identification.

  • Security will NOT accept a request by someone who claims to be a key holder to grant access to a third party. Persons who do not have keys and require off-hours access should be directed to the head of their department or section.

  • Security will not access persons to a locked building even if they have keys to offices or areas within that building. The absence of a key to the exterior of the building indicates that they may not be authorized or have permission to be in the building outside of normal working hours. Persons in this category should be referred to the applicable department head to obtain a key for off-hours access.

  • All Faculty members are to be provided with unconditional access to their own office, lab, or building as long as they have proof of identification that they are a faculty member.

  • The Security Supervisor may provide access to individuals who have special requirements and where it is impossible or impracticable for access to be given by any other means. These situations may include: "personal" items locked in an area, openings for conferences/meetings, access to lab areas where an experiment is underway, etc. The Security Supervisor should use reasonable discretion in these circumstances.