907 - Skateboarders on Campus

When skateboarders gather in one area to perform stunts, they create a significant amount of noise. Fully 80% of all incidents in which Campus Security must ask skateboarders to leave are the result of phone calls from staff, students or faculty complaining that they cannot study, work or write exams because of the noise of the skateboarders (stats as of August 1999. Recent stats are similar if not higher). 

As well, the skateboarders like to skate along and jump off concrete walls and planters, causing property damage that is unsightly and expensive to repair. The practice is also unsafe, both for people walking by and the boarders themselves - there has been at least one incident this year where a skateboarder was injured and required an ambulance attend.

Incidents involving skateboarders this year have escalated in seriousness and include assault, indecent exposure, and suspected vehicle break-ins.