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Student Awards - Office Staff

Current Students:  Responses to email communication will be done through your Queen's email account only.  Please provide your full name and student number on all correspondence.

Student Awards General Inquiries


Client Services
Allie Corcoran
Student Resource Assistant
  • Client Services receptionist
  • General Student Award inquiries
Admission Award Programs
Shelly West
Admission Awards Assistant
  • Resource Assistant for Admission Awards Team
  • General Admission Award inquiries relating to automatic admission scholarships, admission bursaries, major admission awards, Faculty of Law Admission Bursary, and School of Medicine Admission Bursary
(613)-533-6000 Ext. 71660
Margie Gordon
Awards Officer, Admission Awards Program
  • Admission Scholarships
  • Queen’s Admission Bursary
  • Major Admission Awards
  • Faculty of Law Admission Bursary
  • School of Medicine Admission Bursary
  • Prospective Student Financial Aid Advisor

Sandy McFadden
Manager, Admission Awards, and In-Course Awards Programs

In-Course Award Programs (Upper Year)

Cyndy Craley
In-Course Programs Assistant

  • Resource Assistant for In-Course Team
  • General inquiries from current students relating to in-course  upper year awards, general bursary, and work study

(613)-533-6000 Ext. 71661

Chris DeWolfe
Awards Officer, In-Course Programs and External Awards

  • Queen's General Bursary
  • Work Study
  • External Scholarships and Awards
  • Exchange / BISC Awards
  • Financial Aid Advisor

Amey Stranak
Awards Officer and Analyst

  • Queen's General Bursary
  • Merit-Based awards for Convocation
  • Upper Year Queen's Scholarships and Awards
  • Awards with special application
  • Financial Aid Advisor

OSAP and Student Financial Assistance Programs

Lynda Lachance
Loans Assistant

  • Resource Assistant for Government Student Financial Assistance

(613)-533-6000 Ext. 77388

Karen Green
Awards Officer, OSAP, and OSAP Bursary Programs

  • OSAP
  • Part-Time OSAP
  • Bursary for students with disabilities
  • Institutional funded special bursary
  • Financial Aid Advisor

Angie Street
Senior Awards Officer, OSAP and Loan Programs

  • OSAP and OSAP related programs
  • Short Term Loans
  • RBC / Queen's Student Line of Credit
  • Financial Aid Advisor

Out-of-Province Student Financial Assistance

Terry Stover
Awards Officer, Out of Province Loans, and Renewable Awards

  • Out-of-Province Government Student Financial Assistance
  • U.S. Loans
  • Financial Aid Advisor to Out-of-Province students
  • Renewable Awards


Donor Relations

Judy Wilson
Awards Officer, Donor Relations

  • Scholarship, Bursary, and Award Development
  • Liaison between Student Awards Office and Advancement



Carla Place
Student Awards Assistant

  • Assistant to Associate University Registrar (Student Awards)
  • Tuition Support Plan (Confirmation of Registration) Coordinator
  • PeopleSoft HR Timekeeper
  • Off-Campus Work Study Payroll
  • Website Maintenance
  • General Office Operations


Joyce Titley
Business Manager

  • Business Manager
  • Financial Management of all awards accounts
  • Financial Reporting

Teresa Alm
Associate University Registrar (Student Awards)