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FAQs - Admission Awards Program

Major Admission Award Questions:

How do I apply for a Major Admission Award at Queen’s?
Queen’s offers over 70 major admission awards valued between $36,000-$80,000 over four years. The Major Admission Award application will be available on the Student Awards web site mid-September. Queen’s must receive your application by December 1. For further information about Queen’s major admission awards, go to the Major Admission Awards web page.
Can I submit my Major Admission Award Application by fax?
No, applications must be mailed or couriered to the Student Awards Office and received by the deadline.
I can’t apply for admission to Queen’s because I don’t have my PIN from my high school – can I still apply for the Major Admission Awards? 

Yes – students who are unable to apply for admission by the deadline must still submit their Major Admission Award Application by December 1 and follow up with their application for admission as early as possible.

Note: Students are encouraged to apply for admission prior to the Major Admission Award Application deadline, however many will not have access to the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) until after December 1.

I am applying for a need-based Major Admission Award but I don’t have access to my SOLUS Student Center to submit the Admission Bursary Application – will you still consider my application?
Yes - If your school has not provided you with your access information to apply to OUAC by December 1 you must follow up with your Admission Bursary Application as early as possible. Students who have access to the application are expected to submit it immediately.
Have you received my Major Admission Award Application?
Check SOLUS. Due to the high volume of applications we receive it is not possible to respond to this question instantly. The status of your application will be viewable on your SOLUS Student Center by December 9. See ‘View Award Application Status’. Please do not call or email the Student Awards Office with this question. 
Are there any guidelines for demonstrating my original and creative thinking?
Applicants may demonstrate their original or creative thinking any way they wish in the space provided. If using colour, or any materials that cannot be processed by a photocopier (ie. glue or tape) - photocopy page 6 of the application and send only the copy. The selection committee will not receive any materials that cannot be photocopied.
What marks do I need to submit?
Students are required to submit their official high school transcript (grades 9 through last completed year) as well as a list of ALL your current year courses, and an assessment of your November grades for those courses you are currently studying. Current Year courses and November grades may be hand written on official transcript, report card, or on school letterhead - signed by a school official.

It is expected that students have a cumulative average of 90% or higher throughout high school in order to be competitive in our Major Admission Award competition.

All supporting documentation should be attached directly to your Major Admission Awards Application – not placed in a separate envelope.

How can I apply for QuARMS?
In order to be considered for QuARMS, you must be selected as a Chancellor's Scholarship nominee by your high school.  The number of Chancellor's Scholarship nominees each high school can nominate is limited, and only one (1) Chancellor's nominee can be selected to QuARMS.  If you are interested in seeking a Chancellor's nomination, we encourage you to be pro-active at your high school and speak with your high school official (i.e. Guidance Counsellor) as soon as you return to school in the fall.

Given the limited number of applicants who will be offered admission to QuARMS, eligible candidates will only be selected from the group of Chancellor's Scholarship nominees. Candidates interested in being considered for QuARMS (QuARMS candidates) must be nominated for a Chancellor’s Scholarship. 

Chancellor’s Scholarship Nomination Guidelines (based on graduating class size):

Less than 250 - 1 nominee*

250-499 - up to 2 nominees

500 or greater - up to 3 nominees

QuARMS Candidates:

  • Must be nominated for a Chancellor's Scholarship
  • Only one Chancellor nominee may be selected as a QuARMS candidate from within each school's respective nomination guidelines
  • *Schools that are permitted only one Chancellor's nominee (graduating class size less than 250) will have the option to nominate one additional Chancellor's nominee BUT ONLY IF one of the two nominees is a QuARMS candidate.

Please ensure your high school has not over-nominated based on the guidelines above

Note: Additional FAQs specific to QuARMS may be found on the School of Medicine website.

I have been nominated for the Chancellor’s Scholarship – do I need to submit a Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) or Supplemental Essay (if applicable) for admission purposes?
No – students who have been nominated for the Chancellor’s Scholarship do not need to submit a PSE or Supplemental Essay. Students who have applied for other MAAs, excluding the Chancellor’s, must still submit a PSE and Supplemental Essay (if applicable).
I have been offered early admission and received a scholarship offer, does this mean I am no longer eligible for a major admission award?
No - applicants who receive an early offer of admission are still being considered for the Major Admission Awards Program. Results can be viewed on your SOLUS Student Center in late February. Recipients will also be notified by mail.

General Admission Award Questions:

How do I apply for a Queen's admission scholarship?
Many of our Admission Scholarships do not require an application. These scholarships are based on the grades we have received at the time you are offered admission. Some scholarships do require an application (Major Admission Awards).
How do you calculate the average used for grades-based admission scholarships?
Admission scholarships will be calculated using the grades available at the time an offer of admission is made.  The average is calculated using the same courses required for admission to a Bachelor of Arts Honours program as identified by Undergraduate Admissions.  Available grades for Grade 12 level courses will always be included in the award average calculation.
  • For students studying in an Ontario curriculum (OSSD), a minimum of three U Level courses (including English) and three additional U or M Level courses will be used to calculate the Awards Average.  In situations where grade 12 marks are not available to calculate the Awards Average, grade 11 courses will be used.

For program-specific scholarships, the prerequisite courses for the program you are applying to will be utilized when the awards average calculation is determined.

I was offered early admission to Queen’s.  I have now received updated grades (i.e. first semester final grades or second semester mid-term grades).  My average is now meeting the threshold for a Queen’s grade-based admission scholarship.  Will you consider this and grant a scholarship now?
Any grades submitted after your offer of admission will not be reviewed.  Queen’s University will assess your grades for scholarship eligibility at two points in the admission cycle.
  1. At the time you are offered admission.
  2. Final grades will be reviewed in July.
Do you use my final June grades when considering me for an admission scholarship?
Final grades will be assessed for scholarship and award consideration.

If you did not receive a scholarship offer at the time you were offered admission or you are now eligible for a scholarship of higher value, we will review your final grades after we have received final grade reports from the Ontario Universities' Application Centre in July.  Summer courses taken in the summer immediately prior to your admit term to the university will not be used in the assessment of your final grades average. 

Final grades will also be reviewed for non-Ontario students. Students must arrange for final high school transcripts to be forwarded to Undergraduate Admission.

What if I receive an admission scholarship with my offer of admission, but my grades decrease after of my final exams?
As long as you meet the academic requirements identified in your offer of admission, the original admission scholarship offered to you will be honoured.
How do you calculate my average for a course that I'm repeating?
Please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions website for information on the calculation of averages for repeated courses.
Can I defer my award if I choose to take a year off before I go to university?
Information about a deferral of admission can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

If Undergraduate Admission grants a deferral of your admission to the program of study that you have accepted (e.g. Commerce), then your scholarship will also be deferred.

Please note this is for merit-based scholarships only.

Any award that has financial need criteria cannot be deferred. You must re-apply for need-based assistance through the Admission Bursaries and Awards application in the year you are planning on entering Queen's.


Do you offer athletic scholarships?

Yes. Selection of candidates will be based on academic achievement and athletic excellence to entering student-athletes who are on the competition roster of a Gaels interuniversity team.

Future students interested in participating on a varsity team at Queen's must make prior contact with the Coach of the Gaels team.  Please visit the Queen's University Athletics website for further information.


The awards will be administered in accordance to all CIS and OUA regulations.


Student-athletes who excel both in the classroom and on the field (e.g. rink, pool, court, pitch) are encouraged to consider applying for our Major Admission Awards, and draw from their athletic experiences and accomplishments.

My award offer says that I must have a full course load to receive my award. What does full course load mean?
To remain eligible for funding in an academic term the student must be registered as a full-time student (60% course load - typically 18 units in Fall/Winter).

To be eligible for renewal of an academic-based award a student is expected to be registered in an 80% course load (typically 24 units in Fall/Winter).

How are scholarships and bursaries paid?
Admission awards will be deposited directly into your student fees account mid August.  We encourage you to check your SOLUS Student Center (scroll to the Finances section and click on the link called View Financial Aid, click on the appropriate academic year). Please be sure to read the Guide to Registration and Fees for tuition and fee payment deadlines.
I received a Queen’s award, and when I view the status of my application in SOLUS my original award offer is no longer there but there is another award with a different award name.  What happened?
Your general admission award was converted to a specific named award.  The total value of your award will remain the same however it may be converted to one or more named awards.
Is there someone I can thank for my award?
If you received a donor sponsored award then we will provide you with further information about how you can express your appreciation in the coming weeks.  Donors enjoy learning more about the recipients of their awards; this acknowledgement provides them with a first-hand understanding of what their gift has meant to you.
I received a work study entitlement.  What do I do now that I have been granted an entitlement?
Specific information detailing how you can search and apply for Work Study positions will be emailed to your Queen’s email account at the end of July.
In the SOLUS Student Center, there is a link called View Financial Aid.   What is this?
All Queen’s students can view their personal award information in their SOLUS Student Center.  The information is organized by academic year, and will provide you with a summary of the awards you have been granted as well as disbursement details identifying when the money will be deposited to your Student Financial Account.  As an entering student, we will update this information mid August.
How do I know if I have been granted an award or scholarship?
In August, you may see all of your Queen’s awards and scholarships on your SOLUS Student Center. To view your awards, simply log into SOLUS and click on the “View Financial Aid” link, available in the “Finances” section. Once there, you will be able to view your scholarships and awards broken down by academic year.
I have been granted a renewable award – what do I need to do to renew my award in subsequent years?
To be eligible for renewal of an academic based award a student is expected to remain registered in an 80% course load (typically 24 units in Fall/Winter). Students in receipt of scholarships/awards granted on the basis of academic excellence are expected to achieve a minimum G.P.A. of 3.5.   Please review the Queen’s Renewable Awards Policy for further details.
I have applied for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) and I am confused about which types of awards should be included as income on my OSAP application.
Refer to the Student Awards website, for Hints for Reporting Income on your OSAP Application for further clarification on what awards must be reported on your application.