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Student Awards

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Ban Righ Centre Bursaries and Awards


The Ban Righ Foundation carries on the tradition of encouraging women's achievements by supporting the continuing formal and informal education of women, especially mature women returning to Queen's University - a tradition begun by the women who came to Queen's University in the 1870's and who built Ban Righ Hall in 1925.

Queen's believes that all students should have the opportunity to attend and remain at Queen's, regardless of their personal financial circumstances. We are committed to equality of opportunity and therefore we assist students in any program of study whose families are lacking sufficient financial resources.

Awards and Bursaries

The following list of awards and bursaries are administered by the Ban Righ Centre.  Please contact the Ban Righ Centre directly regarding application procedures.  Further information regarding the financial assistance available through the Ban Righ Centre can be found on the Ban Righ Centre Website.

Ban Righ Centre Awards and Bursaries

Emergency Bursaries

Annual Spring Ceremony Bursaries

Helen Bracken Anderson Bursary

Janet Bilton-Holst Award

Joan Louise (Crozier) Arkett Bursary

Mildred Blackadder/Zonta Club Award

Eva Adeline Baker Bursary

Helen Richards Campbell Award

Ban Righ Foundation Bursary

Carole Kinnear Award

Ban Righ General Bursary

Diane McKenzie Award

Beattie Bursary

Dorothy Matheson Parnell Bursary

Elspeth Baugh Memorial Bursary

Barbara Paul Prize

Judith Brown Bursary Troup Ballantyne Award
Community Foundation Fund Elizabeth Wallace Bursary

Nancy Davies Bursary

Marian Webb Bursary

Bonnie Judge Memorial Bursary

Lorraine Chan Bursary


Clara Farrell Brooke Bursary

Maureen Ewan Bursary

Jacqueline Hodgins Kelly Bursary

Barbara Anne Wigle Bursary

Edith Shindman Houzer Bursary


Sherry Mackey Memorial Bursary


Martin Bursary


Mathers Bursary


McQueen Bursary


Oliver Alan Myers Webb Bursary


Wilda Baker Parkinson Bursary


Miriam Royce Bursary


VanDuzer Fund 


Veronica Weisman Bursary


Kay Wolstenholme Memorial Bursary