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Bader International Study Centre Bursaries

Choosing to study for a term or year at the Bader International Study Centre (BISC) can be a major financial undertaking for many students and their families. Queen's University is committed to making the unique and enriching BISC experience accessible to all qualified students. In addition to your own savings, parental/family contributions, government financial assistance and/or a student line of credit, you may wish to consider applying for scholarships and bursaries to finance your studies.

First Year Program

Bader International Study CentreIn addition to the Admission Scholarships open to all incoming undergraduate first year students, the Tricolour Bursary is open to incoming Queen's students who chose to undertake their first year of studies at the BISC.  Note:  you must be a citizen / permanent resident of Canada for consideration of all admission bursaries including Tricolour Bursary.

In order to be considered for a Tricolour Bursary students must submit an Admission Bursary application.  There is no separate application for the Tricolour Bursary; by indicating that you will be participating in the First Year Program at the BISC on the Admission Bursary application, you will be automatically considered for the Tricolour Bursary.  The application can be submitted as soon as you apply to Queen's and no later than the deadline posted on the Admission Bursary application.

Admission Bursary

Students who have applied for the BISC First Year Program through a Canadian University Study Abroad Program (CUSAP) partner university (Dalhousie University, Huron University College at Western, University of Victoria) should contact their home university's financial aid office.


Upper Year Program

Awards and bursaries are available to students who choose to attend the BISC in their second or subsequent year of study. The objective of the bursary program is to assist students who demonstrate financial need by meeting a portion of their basic costs for attending the BISC.

As part of the assessment for a Queen's BISC (or Exchange) Bursary, there is an emphasis on assisting those students who have and continue to demonstrate need over and above the maximum funding available through government student financial assistance. All domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents) will be required to apply for government student financial assistance in order to be considered for exchange (or BISC) bursary assistance.

BISC Bursary Application

Students should submit a BISC Upper Year Bursary application at the same time as applying for the BISC. Students will be informed of the bursary decision at the time they are offered admission to the program. Applications must be submitted to the Queen's Student Awards Office. Applications will be accepted until prior to the student's departure, on a first come first serve basis.

Bader International Study CentreStudents from institution other than Queen's should also contact their home university's financial aid office for other possible sources of funding. 

Many of the BISC Upper Year Bursaries are named in honour of the generous contributions of Queen's benefactors.  The BISC Upper Year Bursaries are divided into two categories: awards open to all upper-year students (including Queen's students); and awards open only to Queen's upper-year students (i.e. those students pursuing their degree at Queen's).  For a complete list of the named BISC Upper Year Bursaries please visit the Awards List section.  Please note: by submitting a BISC Upper Year Bursary application, students will be automatically considered for the named BISC Upper Year Bursaries.  There are no separate applications for any of the named BISC Upper Year Bursaries.