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BMIF 804 Medical Imaging Informatics

BMIF 804  Medical Imaging Informatics  Units: 3.00  

This course will deliver the foundations, principles, and practices of medical imaging, their acquisition, management, exploration, analysis and interpretation with focus on practical tools and informatics skills.
PREREQUISITE: Permission of the School and enrollment in the Professional Diploma program in Biomedical Informatics.

Offering Faculty: School of Graduate Studies  

Biomedical Informatics

Queen’s School of Computing (QSC) and the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences (DBMS), Queen’s University, have developed the Graduate Diploma and professional Master’s programs in Biomedical Informatics. The programs train future data scientists who can translate data into knowledge that may transform how health care is approached and delivered. The programs are aimed at students with training in biology, life sciences, biochemistry, medical sciences, computer science, biostatistics, engineering, and related disciplines, who are interested in designing and implementing quantitative and computational methods that solve challenging problems across the entire spectrum of biology and medicine, and who wish to develop the skills required for a range of exciting careers in medicine, research and development, or industry.

Biomedical Informatics - Graduate Diploma

This is a full time program which will span 4 months total. The graduate diploma consists of 4, 3-credit units. The courses are:

Biomedical Informatics

...molecular sciences research.(3.0 credit units) BMIF 804 Medical Imaging Informatics This course will...