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COMM 415 Corporate Governance and Control

COMM 415  Corporate Governance and Control  Units: 3.00  

In today's environment, boards are facing increasing pressure to be more accountable to their stakeholders - to be more open and transparent. Boards are being asked to address a bewildering range of problems and demands from corporate social responsibility to avoiding credit crushes to maintaining good jobs to increasing corporate value. These issues, which if left unresolved can put individual board members and their organizations at risk. This course is about the roles and value of various approaches to corporate governance and the control frameworks through which directors can influence how corporations act. The course will investigate the role of governance in both for profit and not for profit organizations. This course provides an added practical benefit, a great background for roles that you soon will be called upon to undertake as graduating Queen's Commerce students, being board members of not for profit organizations.Evaluation:
Grading will be based on class participation, one page memo writing exercises and an individual or group term project. There will be no tests or exams in the course.

Requirements: This course is restricted to students enrolled in the 3rd and 4th year of the Commerce Program. PREREQUISITES: COMM 111/211 and COMM 112/212  
Offering Faculty: School of Business  

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