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ENPH 317 Mathematical Methods in Physics II

ENPH 317  Mathematical Methods in Physics II  Units: 3.50  

A continuation of PHYS 316. Partial differential equations, functions of a complex variable and contour integration, and special topics such as probability and statistics, group theory and non-linear dynamics
(Lec: 3, Lab: 0, Tut: 0.5)

Requirements: Prerequisites: ENPH 316 (PHYS 316) Corequisites: Exclusions: ENPH 312 (PHYS 312), MTHE 338 (MATH 338), MTHE 334 (MATH 334), MTHE 335 (MATH 335)  
Offering Term: W  
CEAB Units:    
Mathematics 31  
Natural Sciences 11  
Complementary Studies 0  
Engineering Science 0  
Engineering Design 0  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Engineering Physics, B.A.Sc. (Class of 2025)

** Students are free to take Complementary Studies courses at any time in their program that suits their interests, workloads, and schedules. Read explanatory notes on Complementary Studies at the end of this section.