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HIST 411 Globalization, Wealth and Inequality in the West Since 1945

HIST 411  Globalization, Wealth and Inequality in the West Since 1945  Units: 4.50  

Examines the major contours of Western capitalism and the emergence of a more integrated global marketplace since 1945. Topics include: the rise in prosperity followed by the rise in income inequality since the 1970s; technological change; the 'downsizing' phenomenon; related trends in social policy. A balance of pro and con literature on 'globalization' will be examined.
LEARNING HOURS 180 (36S;144P).

Requirements: Prerequisite Registration in a (HIST Major or Medial Plan) and a (minimum grade of a C+ in 6.0 units from HIST 300-330). Exclusion HIST 410.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science