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MATH 212 Linear Algebra ll

MATH 212  Linear Algebra ll  Units: 3.00  

Vector spaces, direct sums, linear transformations, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, inner product spaces, self-adjoint operators, positive operators, singular-value decomposition, minimal polynomials, Jordan canonical form, the projection theorem, applications to approximation and optimization problems.

Learning Hours: 120 (36 Lecture, 12 Tutorial, 72 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite MATH 111 or MATH 112 or MTHE 217. Exclusion MATH 110. Equivalency MATH 312.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Mathematics – Major (Science) – Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Subject:  Administered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Plan:  Consists of 60.00 units as described below. Program:  The Plan, alone, or in combination with a Minor in another subject, and with sufficient electives to total 120.00 units, will lead to a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree.

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