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MBQC 952  Negotiations  Units: 1.95  
Offering Faculty: Smith School of Business  

Executive MBA Americas - A Cornell-Queen's Partnership
The purpose of the Academic Calendar is to acquaint students with the academic requirements, regulations, policies, procedures and expectations of the Program. It is the responsibility of the student to read and understand the entire Academic Calendar. Questions about any of its contents should be directed to the Program Director. While this document primarily discusses program level topics, Section 8 lists on-line resources to access detailed information at the school and university-levels.      Participants in the Executive MBA Americas program are enrolled at both Cornell University and Queen’s University, and are therefore subject to the policies, regulations, and requirements of both institutions. Notwithstanding this dual enrollment, participants based in the United States and Mexico are considered to have Cornell University as their institution of primary enrollment and participants based in Canada, Lima, or Santiago are considered to have Queen’s University as their institution of primary enrollment. This document is somewhat tailored to focus on students with Queen’s as their institution of primary enrollment.       With respect to the appeal of academic decisions, every participant is restricted to the policies of his or her institution of primary enrollment.      Communications regarding academic matters pertaining to the Executive MBA Americas Program should be directed to:      Johnson Graduate School of Management  Cornell University  209 Dryden Road  Ithaca, New York 14850  Tel. (607) 255-7941  Fax (607) 241-9055              Smith School of Business   Queen’s University   ATTN EMBA Americas   Goodes Hall   Kingston, Ontario K7L 4B5   Tel. (888) 393-2622   Fax (613) 533-2313