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MECH 310 Digital Systems for Mechatronics

MECH 310  Digital Systems for Mechatronics  Units: 4.50  

Microcontroller based operation of programmable digital sensors, servo motors, stepper motors, and activation of pneumatic and hydraulic drivers. PLC control of sequential logic operations in mechanical systems. Introduction to frequency response of systems with FFT application for machine health monitoring. Industrial communication standards for local and internet-based information transfer; Internet of Things (IOT) concepts. Off grid systems, photovoltaics, and inverters. Lab activities will focus on design, construction, and testing of microcontroller based mechatronic systems for practical applications, building on skills developed in MECH 217 and MECH 210.

Requirements: Pre-requisite MECH 210  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci