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MECH 420 Vibrations

MECH 420  Vibrations  Units: 3.50  

Considers mechanical vibration, the problems it presents and the means of dealing with it. Completes the treatment of systems with two degrees-of-freedom (introduced in  MECH 328) and proceeds to systems with higher number of degrees-of-freedom. Co-ordinate systems, types of coupling, matrix formulation, vibration absorbers and dampers, specific and hysteretic damping, Rayleigh's method, torsional vibration, Holzer method, introduction to the finite element method, beam vibration.

Requirements: MECH328 OR MECH328 OR (PHYS211 AND PHYS225)  
Offering Term: F  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci  

Undergraduate Academic Plan

...MTHE Mechanical Engineering MECH MECH Mechatronics and Robotics...must be at least 420 AU, and the...