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MECH 481 Wind Energy

MECH 481  Wind Energy  Units: 3.50  

An introductory course on wind-turbine operation and aerodynamics. Topics include: the Betz limit; the Blade Element Momentum method; characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer; unsteady aerodynamic theory; gusts and blade aeroelasticity; blade noise and health effects; and wind-park siting and planning. Extension of some of these topics to small wind turbines, run-of-the-river water turbines and off-grid systems will also be presented. Students are expected to have sufficient experience with fluid dynamics equivalent to MECH 341. Those who have not taken such a course will need to prepare through self-study.

Requirements: Must be registered in BASC  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci  

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering delivered online. Exclusions: MECH 896, APSC 223...the instructor. EXCLUSION: GEOL 481, GEOL 816. GEOL...