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MGBL 853 Global Virtual Teams

MGBL 853  Global Virtual Teams  Units: 3.00  

Global virtual teams (GVT) have become an essential part of how multinational organizations organize to meet the needs of the globalized marketplace. Members of GVT must collaborate to complete interdependent work across cultural, geographical, and time differences. Working in GVT creates several challenges including differences in cultural values, expectations for behaviour, and communication preferences. To meet and overcome these challenges, GVT members need to learn about the ways to work effectively across their differences and distance so as to become high-performing teams. Accordingly, this course will foster team members' self-awareness, enhance their ability to sustain high-performing project teams, and develop their virtual collaboration skills. Overall, this course will provide students with foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to embrace the benefits of GVT while overcoming their challenges. These skills will serve as a foundation for team projects in the MIB program as well as being a foundation for future GVT leader effectiveness.

Offering Faculty: School of Business  

Master of International Business

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