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MREN 230 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

MREN 230  Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer  Units: 3.75  

This course introduces fundamental thermodynamics and heat transfer concepts needed to analyze thermal systems including: ideal gas laws; work and heat; conservation of energy; thermodynamic properties of pure substances; equations of state; applications to open and closed systems; heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. Theory will be complemented with a series of labs that introduce temperature measurement devices and thermal circuit analysis.
(Lec: 3, Lab: 0.25, Tut: 0.5)

Requirements: Prerequisites: MREN 241 Corequisites: Exclusions:   
Offering Term: W  
CEAB Units:    
Mathematics 0  
Natural Sciences 30  
Complementary Studies 0  
Engineering Science 15  
Engineering Design 0  
Offering Faculty: Smith Engineering  

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