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NSCI 401 Introduction to Theoretical Neuroscience

NSCI 401  Introduction to Theoretical Neuroscience  Units: 3.00  

This course will provide an introduction to the main modelling approaches and theoretical concepts in Neuroscience. The computational anatomy of the brain and how it implements perception, learning, memory, decision making and motor control, among other topics, will be discussed.
RECOMMENDATION NSCI 323/3.0, NSCI 324/3.0, ANAT 312/3.0, PSYC 271/3.0.

Requirements: Prerequisite STAT263; STAT 267; STAT 367; COMM 162; ECON 250; PSYC 202; SOCY 211; BIOL 243; CHEE 209; GPHY 247; KNPE 251; POLS 385; NURS 323 and Level 4 in a LISC Maj or Spec Plan and a GPA of 2.5  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences