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STAT 351 Probability I

STAT 351  Probability I  Units: 3.00  

Probability theory; probability models; random variables; jointly distributed random variables; transformations and generating functions. Inequalities and limit laws. Distributions: binomial, Poisson, exponential, gamma, normal. Applications: elementary stochastic processes, time-to-failure models, binary communication channels with Gaussian noise.
LEARNING HOURS 120 (36L;12T;72P).

Requirements: Prerequisite None. Corequisite (MATH 221 or MATH 280). Exclusion STAT 252; STAT 268.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Concurrent Education Degree Requirements

...Mathematics Any MATH or STAT are acceptable. Note...342 Science-Physics CURR 351 CURR 352 Music...